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    Why Am I Craving Banana? [Explained]

    Why Am I Craving Bananas? If you have a craving for bananas it means your body needs something that bananas have and that is potassium as major reason.

    Bananas are one of the most popular and healthy fruit. Bananas are full of taste and its a great source of energy. You can eat banana simply as it is also you can mix it in your favorite smoothie. Bananas are also used in many deserts, sandwiches, and banana muffins. Additionally, we can find bananas easily at your grocery store. A lot of people have banana craving and the its normal but still people questions that why am I craving a banana?

    If you have the same query then you are at the right place. In this content you will get to know all the reasons behind this banana craving along with its all other queries.

    Why Do I Crave Bananas?

    Let’s have a look at the reason behind the craving for bananas.

    #1. Deficiency of Potassium

    You are craving bananas because you might be potassium deficient. Lack of potassium cause muscle cramps you feel weak all day the other reason for lack of potassium is you do not eat enough fruits and vegetables.

    Banana is a fruit full of potassium and it’s full filled the need for potassium in your body. Furthermore, by eating it you can also satisfy your craving.

    #2. Low Sugar Level

    Banana is the natural way to maintain your sugar level of body .Low sugar level is the other reason behind banana craving. Normal medium size of banana has 12 grams of sugar. If any time you have a banana craving this may indicates that your body needs sugar.

    Banana is a great way to satisfy your sweet craving also it is very healthy for us. So don’t worry about it.

    #3. Energy Boost Fruit

    Banana is a great source of an instant energy boost. Low energy must be the reason behind the craving for a banana. Banana is full of energy that helps to sustain our body for a longer time.

    Many workout trainers suggested eating bananas daily that boost their energy level and keep them fit.

    #4. Lack of Nutrients

    If you are craving for a banana it means your body needs the nutrients that bananas provide us. Banana is rich in nutrients like carbohydrates Fiber, vitamins, and proteins. Banana also helps to regulate our digestive system and maintain our blood sugar level.

    in short, a banana is full of benefits. If you want to satisfy your craving and also full field the need for nutrients in your body so, try a banana and eat it daily.

    #5. Missing Flavor and Texture of Bananas

    Another reason for craving bananas is the flavor and texture of bananas. As we know banana is full of taste and very unique creamy texture that’s why people have to crave bananas .Many people love bananas they also love banana shakes. Additionally, bananas satisfy your craving and are healthy for you.

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    Why Am I Craving Bananas All of a Sudden?

    Sudden craving for a banana is the indication sign that your body gives to you. It means your body needs nutrients that bananas have.

    so go and eat a banana. Bananas also boost your energy level plus and keep you fit and healthy. Eating 2or 3 banana on daily basis easily satisfy the need of your body.

    How to Stop Bananas Craving?

    If you have a banana craving it’s not a problem or a big issue it’s normal in human beings because banana have that in it which human body demands.

    But if you want to stop craving bananas add other fruits to your diet. Eat those fruits and veggies that provide you proper nutrients and vitamins. You also use substitute bananas in this way you minimize your banana craving easily.

    Craving Bananas during Pregnancy

    pregnancy is a situation in which you need a proper healthy diet. If you feel a banana craving it might be due to a lack of potassium in your body add banana to your daily food plan.

    Craving banana is also due to low blood sugar levels. Eat 2-3 bananas daily it maintains your sugar level and also normalized your blood pressure. In short, bananas are good for your health.

    Craving Bananas when Sick

    When you are sick you lose your energy and feel low your body feels weak this weakness is due to a shortage of nutrients and other important vitamins that why you are craving bananas.

    Bananas provide these all things to us and also boost our energy level .Banana are a good source of energy to fight against illness and speed up the process to recover health.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

    Can You Eat too Many Bananas?

    Yes, you can eat too many bananas it is very beneficial to us but if you want to eat too many bananas on daily basis it may be harmful to you. It creates many health issues like you gaining weight your stomach will upset, and you can’t digest it easily it causes pain in your belly.

    If you have the craving for banana and you like it too much then you have to fix the amount of consumption of bananas which must be helpful for you.

    Why Do I Want Bananas?

    As we know banana is full of taste and very unique creamy texture that’s why people have a craving for bananas. Many people love bananas they also love banana shakes. Additionally bananas also provide many important nutrients and vitamins to us that you want a banana.

    Why Do I Crave Bananas on my Period?

    During periods our blood sugar level is below normal in this situation craving sweets is normal and a banana contains sugar that’s why you are craving a banana. Banana maintains our blood sugar level and also provides energy to us.


    As you can see there are many reasons behind the craving for bananas. I hope this article is helpful for acknowledging the craving for bananas and clears all your doubts regarding banana craving. Banana is a tasty fruit and full of benefits so you can eat it on a daily basis its not harmful for you.

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