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    Why Am I Craving Eggs? [ All FAQs Explained]

    If you’re Craving eggs it means you are deficient in some nutrients that an egg provides you, Like Vitamin B12, Vitamin B2. So These can be the major reasons for your craving.

    Well there are many factors that cause egg craving. In this article, we will discuss what are the reasons behind this egg craving and all queries regarding it.

    Why Do I Crave Eggs?

    If you crave an egg it means your body asking you something, there must be a reason behind the craving it might be due to nutrient deficiency that causes many health issues and also cause egg craving. Let’s discuss a few reasons behind egg craving.

    Deficiency of Vitamin B12

    Vitamin b 12 is mostly found in animal products which include meat, fish, poultry, cheese, and eggs. Further vitamin b12 play a vital role in your body, it helps to produce red blood cell and build DNA.

    If you crave an egg it means your body indicates to you and gives you a sign that you are deficient in vitamin b12 by eating an egg you can easily satisfy your craving and also provide nutrients to your body.

    Lack Of Vitamin B2:

    Vitamins and minerals are an important part of our diet they help our body to function properly and keeps you healthy and fit. Further vitamin b2 also prevent you from many health issues.

    When your body is deficient in vitamin b2 it causes egg craving because eggs are a great source of vitaminb2 so the best way to satisfy your craving add some eggs to your diet it will provide a sufficient amount of vitamin b2 to your body.

    Maybe You are Hungry:

    Eggs are a healthy food that’s why it provides a satisfactory and full feeling to your stomach .Standard size egg contains 6g of protein and that’s enough to keep you full for some time.

    It’s natural when you are hungry you crave all kinds of food so it’s a possible reason behind egg cravings and you feel full when you get the right amount of fat and protein .By eating eggs you can easily satisfy your desire.

    Eggs are your Favorite:

    We don’t always eat to satisfy our physical hunger sometimes we eat for our comfort to get relief from stress and get internal pleasure egg is a portion of comfort food for many people it might be the reason behind your egg craving.

    In short eggs are a great source of fat and protein, in addition, it also lifts your mood and feel relaxed after eating them.

    Egg Vitamin Chart:

    Let’s have a look at the nutrition chart presented in one egg.

    •     Folate: 5% of the  Recommended Dietary Allowances
    •     Selenium: 22% of the RDA
    •     Vitamin B12: 9% of the RDA
    •     Vitamin B5: 7% of the RDA
    •     Vitamin A: 6% of the RDA
    •     Vitamin B2: 15% of the RDA
    •     Phosphorus: 9% of the RDA

    Why Am I Craving Eggs All of a Sudden?

    Sudden craving indicates that probably you are deficient in protein and nutrients found in eggs. Your body needs nutrients and vitamins to function properly.

    As we know eggs are a great source of vitamins and minerals and are considered healthy food so adding eggs to your daily diet will keep you fit and healthy. Additionally also supply a sufficient amount of nutrients to your body.

    How to Stop Craving Eggs?

    If you want to stop craving eggs then first you to find what deficiency causes craving. to stop cravings eat eggs and get enough nutrients from them in this way you get rid of eggs craving.

    As we know eggs provide vitamins and protein to us that are our daily needs. But not only the eggs provide this nutrient we can get them from other sources such as fish, cheese, meat, etc. They also provide nutrients to us.

    Craving Eggs During Pregnancy:

    During pregnancy craving for different food is normal because it’s fat due to hormonal changes you crave many foods. Craving eggs during pregnancy mean you are deficient in some nutrients such as proteins, fat, and vitamins, so don’t ignore your craving because these nutrients are important for baby growth.

    So add eggs to your daily diet it will provide you with all nutrient that your body needs and keeps you healthy and fit.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Can you eat too many eggs?

    Yes you can eat too many eggs there is no harm for you, however, they are packed with nutrients and very beneficial to your health.

    In short, eggs are not harmful to you but keep in mind excessive intake of every food creat health issues so if you want to eat eggs fix the amount for daily intake.

    What deficiency causes you to crave eggs?

    The two main reasons behind eggs craving are vitamin b12 and vitamin d deficiency which cause craving . As we know the egg is packed with nutrients and full of benefits so that’s why craving for it is normal.

    You need fat and protein from eggs because eggs are a rich source of it but eggs are not available you can eat other protein-rich food that also satisfies your desire.


    In this whole discussion, we elaborate on the craving for eggs and the reason behind them furthermore we also talk about the other situation in which you crave eggs. Overall not just eggs but also chicken is a very beneficial food and keeps us healthy and fit. I hope this information is helpful for you and clarifies your thoughts regarding eggs craving.

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