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    Why Am I Losing Weight In The Face

    [UPDATED MAY 2021]

    Why am I losing weight in the face? This question rises when you are diet for losing weight in your body. Losing weight in your whole body is not that easy but this process may effects on your face. This is just one reason for face weight loss. We have gathered up many reasons for face weight loss.

    While being slim, sleek and slender is one thing, looking pale, skinny and losing weight alarmingly is another. One has to remember that looks always should not be your first priority. It is health that you would have to give prominent importance to.

    You can safely stay slim, and health at the same time if you follow the necessary protocols. Trying to lose weight at a rapid pace is always not a good idea and may not suit many of us and also many people questions that Why am I losing weight in the face?

    In a bid to lose weight people hit the gyms and end up doing a lot of hard work in a bid to lose weight. What they fail to understand is the fact that it may not ideally suit their body.

    Having a proper physical trainer to guide you after assessing your body and health condition is vital when you choose to undergo any weight loss program. In case you do not take these things into consideration and just go about working out to reduce weight you may end up losing weight in your face.

    If you lose weight in your face there are chances that you would end up looking unhealthy and malnutrition. This is why you should undergo proper analysis of your body, mind, health, and physical condition first before taking up weight loss programs.

    The last thing that you would want is losing weight in your face while you are busy with reducing excess fat in your body.

    When you lose weight in your face it is likely that you would end up with a gym-face. It is something that many people wish to avoid but end up having it as they begin their weight loss routine. In this article we would show you the main reasons why you end up that why am i losing weight in face and also give you tips on how to avoid the same.

    Diet Control

    Anyone who undergoes a strict diet routine would begin to notice remarkable difference in their faces. People would begin to lose weight in their face and it would start to be noticeable within days of them beginning their diet structure.

    One has to understand that the face is the first part of the body to lose weight when you start your diet in a bid to reduce weight. Once it begins from your face it would start to slowly move to you losing weight in the other parts of your body.

    To be able to overcome this problem you would have to look at options that can help you retain your face weight. Having plump cheeks while losing weight while on a diet is possible. With correct diet programs you can retain your face weight and still have the plumpness retained without much effort.

    Excessive Exercising

    Many people indulge in excessive exercising and this can be a common trend with people once they are past their twenties. You need to work harder to reduce excessive weight but overdoing the same can result in adverse effects on your face.

    This would lead you to having a gym-face. Excessive running, endurance training, cycling, and cardiovascular exercise can lead to weight loss in your face.

    The reason for this is explained in simple terms by specialists. People who begin to exercise can notice that their face goes red to begin with. This is because the blood vessels widen in a bid to allow intake of the required oxygen to be distributed to your body.

    After 15 odd minutes of excessive exercising your body would require more oxygen and that in turn is taken from the face.

    This results in the cheeks of the person being deprived of necessary oxygen. You can notice a diminishing cheek within a few days of exercising as you would begin to lose your fat pads in the cheek.

    Premature aging looks is what you would end up getting when your cheeks and face start to lose considerable amounts of weight.

    To avoid this, you should take the advice of a personal trainer at the gym who can ensure and suggest ideal exercises that would not have an impact on your face.

    This would mean that you can retain the looks that your face has yet lose overall body weight after this you will not question about on face.

    Weight Loss Programs that do not Suit You

    Face weight loss

    Undergoing a weight loss program that does not suit your body type can also result in a person losing weight in their face. This would mean that you begin to develop a hollow area under your eyes. Your skin would also begin to look wrinkly as it gets dehydrated over a period of time making you look very old.

    A bony look on your face after losing weight or a concave look would make you look much older than you actually are. This is a direct result of you losing weight in your face.

    However, undergoing weight loss programs that are best suited for your body type may address this particular concern. Retaining the plumpness on your face can be done with appropriate help with a regular diet routine along with the weight loss program.

    Diseases that can Cause Weight Loss in Your Face

    There are many diseases that you may be affected with that can end up in you losing excessive amounts of weight. The first noticeable difference can be in your face as it would begin to lose weight rapidly.

    In case you are not undergoing any fitness program, weight loss program, or excessive training then losing weight in your face can be a huge concern.

    Some diseases that affect you may not show other symptoms than you losing weight in your face. We list a few of these diseases below for you to have a look at.

    • Overactive thyroid
    • Rheumatoid arthritis
    • Depression
    • Diabetes
    • Inflammatory bowel disease
    • Endocarditis
    • Cancer
    • Tuberculosis
    • Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
    • Congestive heart failure
    • HIV/Aids
    • Addison’s disease

    If you are faced with excessive weight loss in your face and body it is time that you consider seeing a doctor for any of the above-mentioned conditions.

    These diseases or conditions are often known to cause massive weight loss in both men and women.

    Undergoing a full body check-up is recommended if you are faced with loss of weight in your face without exercising too much or being on a diet or weight loss program.

    Losing weight in the face before and after

    Effects of Losing Weight in your Face

    There are many after effects of losing weight in your face apart from making you look older than you are. This includes a diet face, gym-face, or bony cheeks. These are things that you would wish to avoid at all costs.

    Apart from this there can be underlying health conditions that you were not aware of that caused you to lose weight in your face. This should be a cause for concern for both men and women alike as it is not a healthy sign for anyone.

    You would begin to start having wrinkles, protruding bones on your face, and have excessive muscle loss. This can end up having severe effects on your overall health if they are not addressed in time.

    You must either be doing the wrong things at the gym or having a health condition that needs to be taken care of.

    Without proper medical advice and help it may be a difficult phase of your life that you wish to overcome when it comes to losing weight in your face.

    Remedies for Losing Weight in your Face

    In case you do not have conditions related to your health but wish to lose the gym-face or bony face you have then there are plenty of options in store for you. Undergoing non-invasive procedures can be used to plump up your face without gaining too much weight.

    This can include using non-surgical fillers, hitting the facial gym, and using serums. However, one has to practice precaution before taking up any of these procedures.

    Consulting with your dermatologist on which would suit you best would be an ideal choice for most men and women. This goes on to prove that you can end up having plump cheeks without compromising on the slim structure of your body.

    Contouring make up can also be a solution to make your face look plump. This includes application of certain types of make up that would help you avoid using artificial chemicals or procedures on your face.

    All said and done, one has to maintain a proper diet irrelevant of them using a gym or undergoing any weight loss program.

    Consuming the required amounts of water on a daily basis can ensure that your skin is nourished and not dehydrated. A balanced diet with sufficient nutrients, vitamins, and minerals can also help you go a long way if you are faced with losing weight in your face.

    Intake of essential fruits and vegetables can give you all the required nutrients, minerals, vitamins, and carbohydrates.

    Avoiding junk food with excessive oil can also help you have better health and a balanced diet. Ensure that you take expert advice and help for diet and exercising so that the question raises that why am i losing weight in the face will not occur in a dramatic manner.

    How can I get fat back on my face?

    For getting your face back to its old shape, you need to do some things :

    1. Do Facial Exercise
    2. Eat An Apple Daily
    3. Apply Aloe Vera On Your face Daily
    4. Eat Honey
    5. Eat Nuts and seeds

    What causes fat loss in face?

    While you are trying to lose your body weight you do exercises and Diets. While doing this your body fat reduces but your face fat also. To make face fat or beautiful again you need to do certain things as mentioned above.

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