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    Why Bakuchiol Is the Preferred Alternative to Retinol

    Why does everyone feel the urge to take care of their skin? What lengths do people go through to attain the perfect, flawless skin? Imagine finding a permanent solution to aging? Would it not be better to finally do away with your wrinkles and acne problems?

    The holy grail for all your skincare concerns would easily be retinol. It has a proven success record and is among the top recommendations for most dermatologists. Retinol is highly effective in the speed of cell turnover on the outer layers of your skin. This results in an even, clear, and wrinkle-free skin.

    What is Retinol?

    This is the alternative name given to Vitamin A1. Vitamin A1 has many cosmetic properties, including the ability to renew and support your skin’s cell reproduction. Retinol has lots of anti-aging properties, including helping boost collagen and combat acne as well.

    Because of these properties, it’s a highly sought-after cosmetic product despite the commonly known side effects that otherwise taint the image of the near-perfect skin product.

    Retinol has not been kind to people with sensitive skin, but this has never stopped people from seeking it further.

    Known Side Effects of Using Retinol

    People who use retinol may go through a process called retinization where, for a period of three to four weeks, their body responds to the medication.

    You may experience

    • Redness
    • Dryness and peeling of the skin
    • Inflammation

    If there is a risk to experience some discomfort, is it worth the buy?

    It recommended by many dermatologists who widely approve and consider the side effects to be temporary and usually clears soon after. However, it’s not guaranteed that the side effects will not be lasting.

    Retinols are so strong that they carry the risk and reward factor that makes its users understand that it gets worse before it gets better.

    But this isn’t always the case. Researchers have made new progress and discovered a better alternative to retinol.

    Bakuchiol and the Role they Play in Skincare

    Consider bakuchiol as the new remedy to skincare. According to Debra Jaliman, MD and dermatologist based in NY, bakuchiol is far gentler than retinol yet, they possess the same antioxidant and antimicrobial properties. Studies show that bakuchiol slows down the aging process and removes fine lines and wrinkles. They also boost elasticity, firmness of the skin, and improve your pigmentation as well.

    This is positive news for people with sensitive skin who would never consider using retinol to achieve the same purpose. Unlike retinol, you do not have to battle with redness, irritation, inflammation or dryness and peeling of the skin.

    Pregnant women are discouraged from using retinol because it’s associated with birth defects and should also be avoided when breastfeeding. Although there are no reported dangers towards the use of its counterpart with pregnant women, you should consider seeking your doctor’s opinion before you start using it on your skin.

    How Retinol and Bakuchiol Differ and Relate

    The latter is 100 percent a plant derivative that is found in the leaves and seeds of the plant Psolera Corylifolia found in Eastern Asia while retinoids are derived from animals.

    Retinol is not natural, and it is very harsh on the skin. Despite their molecular structure being much different, it’s very interesting how they have similar benefits to skincare. However, Retinol’s counterpart can mimic all the positive effects that retinol will have on your skin without the fear of suffering a negative side effect posed by retinoids yet, they all slow down the aging process by increasing the collagen production and decreasing the breakdown of collagen as well.

    People that use retinol for the benefits of all its cosmetic wonder usually introduce the solution in small doses before their skin acclimatizes to its application.

    Retinol’s counterpart is slowly becoming a preferred alternative because it allows the user the freedom to use it in broad daylight without causing inflammation as retinol would.

    Managing your skin and reversing your aging is now becoming safer as more research is underway to find the perfect remedy for achieving flawless skin.

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