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    Why Everyone is So Obsessed with Palm Angels Shirts

    One of the highly sought Italian designers in the world, Francesco Ragazzi, has launched his first American-inspired label called Palm Angels. In just a short time, it has become a crowd-favorite among celebrities, particularly musicians and athletes.

    You may be wondering about the reasons why many people are obsessed with the brand. The unique fashion label as made an excellent mark in the market in a really short period. Motivated by American street culture, Ragazzi conveys a story through his clothing using bold prints and colors. That combination is the perfect mix of streetwear and luxury.

    How the Brand Was Formed

    The professional designer and photographer Ragazzi decided to create his label in 2015 after working for over a decade in Moncler. He called his new brand Palm Angels. The label itself is based in Milan, but it is a far cry from the standard Italian brand.

    As a resident of Milan and Los Angeles, Ragazzi conceived his brand after launching a photo book with the same title in 2014. The book rejoices the skateboards in Los Angeles, reinterpreted through his vision.

    In 2015, the debut collection of Palm Angels was unisex. According to the brand, it was inspired by the seventies skate culture. It formed a preppy chic vibe that has infrequently been done before in the fashion world. Ragazzi’s design was focused on reinterpreting the American culture and establish a bold collection that speaks of streetwear and luxury.

    When Streetwear Meets Luxury

    Over the years, many luxury brands are embracing streetwear and adding it to their collections, and that’s big thanks to Ragazzi. Social media played a vital role in how much streetwear in luxury collections is widely recognized and accepted today.

    A sense of freedom is obvious in all Palm Angels t-shirt designs, and the use of bold, bright colors, creative themes, and special designs highlight this. In addition to fun, Californians are known for their lighthearted attitude. Additionally, you will find different cannabis symbolism on some of their t-shirts that are made with sublimation printing machines for vibrant and durable designs.

    Setting the Bar for Uniqueness & Quality

    There’s no doubt that Ragazzi utilizes unrivaled craftsmanship and fabrics that comes from his Italian roots. He was massively driven by creativity, and that was seen in all his pieces. He also takes his time in producing all the garments and does not compromise on quality.

    He also considers the comfort of the wearer while making such clothing, as most people buying streetwear clothes prefer to be comfortable, casual, and stylish at the same time. Art, fashion, photography, and music are the four big influences in the way he creates his ideas. For Ragazzi, it’s not just about the clothing but being connected to the world in general.

    To sum up, Palm Angels is all about the genuineness and interpreting American culture with an Italian mindset. Francesco Ragazzi’s expertise in art and being such a great photographer brings his clothing line to life.

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