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    Why She Steals Your Clothes

    Dudes, do you find it irritating when your girlfriend steals your favorite pair of jeans or do you find it cute? Be as it may, suffice it to say that this happens more often than not. But why do women steal guys’ clothes? Is it because they look good in them or simply because they think they have nothing else to wear? Even though this has the same amount of mystery as the “is there life after death” question, we shall try to explain the reason behind this peculiar occurrence. So, guys, this is why your women steal your clothes and what you can do to stop it (if you really, really dislike it).

    The most commonly stolen pieces

    Your girl will most certainly not steal everything that you own. What would she do with your blazers and ties? One of the most commonly stolen pieces is your lightweight jacket, which is most often stolen when she has to run to the shop or when “it’s chilly but she has nothing else to wear”. Apart from that, girls very often steal guys’ T-shirts, and it’s not a secret that men actually like this. The reasons behind the T-shirt stealing are numerous – from feeling rather comfy in an oversized tee to having nothing else to wear except her rather uncomfortable but very fashionable top.

    Talking about clothes that are rather comfy, we should mention the sweatshirt, the third most commonly stolen piece of clothing. And not just any sweatshirt – the almighty hoodie. Girls have been fascinated with guys’ hoodies for a very long time, and more often than not, they slide into your closet, steal one and wear it not only in the apartment but outside as well. Ariana Grande is probably the queen of wearing oversized and male hoodies, so it’s safe to assume that it’s also extremely fashionable.

    The reason behind it all

    There are many reasons why girls love wearing guys’ clothes, and comfort is just one of them. According to plenty of girls, the most common reason is that those clothes smell of their man or remind them of him. When you think about it, it’s actually a very cute reason, and definitely a proof of her love. Another reason that many guys fail to understand is that girls love to feel small. They love guys who are bigger than them, so obviously, wearing their clothes will make them feel punier and probably sexier.

    Even though there are so many fashionable boyfriend jeans on the market, they can still take their guys’ jeans and make a thing out of it. Finally, there’s always the reason of the “collateral,” but this is usually the case with long-distance relationships. Taking something from you (preferably something that’s valuable) is a definite proof that she will see you the next time. The collateral is actually an item that is used to mark one’s territory; in this case, she’s marking herself as yours and vice versa.

    What do guys think of this?

    There definitely is a plethora of different opinions on the matter, but most guys agree that this is actually a very cute thing. Not only is it a sign of endearment, but they say that it also shows she cares about her boyfriend. Most guys agree that everything’s OK as long as she returns it and doesn’t steal the piece of clothing forever. On the question “What item of clothing in particular do you love to see a girl wearing that is yours,” the answers don’t differ very much. The top answers are hoodies and T-shirts, and honestly, a girl looks very sexy indeed in something that’s oversized, especially for during the night. On the other hand, the pieces of clothing guys are reluctant to lend them are underwear, and sometimes even sweatpants.

    They say it’s weird, and it indeed is – there’s no real reason behind stealing your man’s underwear. Be as it may, it’s not everyone they let steal their clothes. Almost all of the guys who were questioned said that it’s only their girlfriend they let steal their clothes, not one night stands. Clothes are too expensive. Also, many state that everything’s fine as long as you ask him first.

    As you can see, not many guys have negative feelings about this, as long as they are asked first. So, what is your opinion on this? Do you also think it’s super cute?

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