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    Better Together: Why Whole Family Travel is so Special ?

    As a child, we didn’t go on many holidays, certainly not two in one year. Often, if we were able to get away, we’d go at Christmas. Two holidays in particular stand out in my mind, and these two were holidays where 4 generations of my family tagged along. Great Grandma, Gran and Gramp, Mum, then my brother and I. Even with 4 generations it was just the six of us, but it was a very special occasion… the whole family! Sharing one experience! For us, those were two very magical Christmases.

    For some, travelling with the entire family might sound like a bit of a nightmare, and I can assure you, at times it can be, but the memories and connections made on such a trip are utterly unforgettable and completely worth it! If you’re not already considering a three or more generation trip, here’s why you should be.

    Making connections

    As you may expect, sharing a holiday, living in the same space for around a week, spending all that time together, you’re probably going to learn a thing or two about your family that you didn’t already know. During this quality time together you will get multiple opportunities to bond, learn about each other, and make new memories that you will be able to look back on together. Not only that, but children who spend more time with their extended family tend to have higher self esteem, so it really is good for them.

    The experience will be particularly exciting for those who don’t usually spend so much time together. Children and grandparents generally love getting together, and its all the more exciting when all your cousins come too and in a whole new environment! For the middle generations, perhaps you finally get a chance to get to know your brother’s partner, or you’re excited to spend time with your niece!

    Everyone gets to learn about each other, how to interact with each other (sometimes interactions across generations can be relatively new, especially when living together opposed to brief visits) and learn to respect differences, too.

    The luxury of variety

    Growing up with my little family of 3, we sometimes couldn’t even agree on a plan for the weekend, but whatever was decided, we’d all have to do it. Well with a bigger group, you might think its even harder, but actually you’ll find you’re less constricted!

    When you travel with a larger group you’ll find that some people are happy to stay in one place, others want to go somewhere else, and in the end groups can split off in a way that everyone stays happy. These groups may change depending on the activity/decision and who’s getting tired of being around who, and you may still do most stuff all together, but ultimately everyone gets a whole lot more freedom and a good balance of each other.

    Here are a few activities you might consider if you want to promote the mix up of the generations you have travelled with, such as gardening or cooking together. Best of all these ideas can be used back home, too.

    It’s the in thing

    Whole family travel is certainly on the rise again, just look at these multigenerational travel trends for 2019. Getting away with the whole family can be the ideal break from reality and a truly enriching adventure for everyone involved.

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