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    “Work and Travel” Guide For Students to Earn Extra Money

    Haven’t we all wanted to see the world and enjoy its treats? If in college, no other phase is better to explore the pleasure of travel. The excitement in a new place, new culture, and the delicious cuisines are the journeys that give one indescribable happiness.

    More than often, what stops you from doing that is the money situation. It is understood how difficult it would be to travel within a budget, especially as a student. So if you are looking for ways to make some extra money to go, here are a few ways to work and travel simultaneously.

    #1. Teach English

    There is nothing easier than being able to teach your mother tongue. However, being a native speaker alone might not be enough. If you want to secure a job anywhere in the world, it has to come with proper accreditation. There are many reasonable deals for TEFL to get this qualification. With this, you can prearrange schedules to do online teaching while you are traveling too.

    #2. Freelance Your Talents

    One of the prominent ways these days is remote working. Many online programs offer such job opportunities where one can bid for a job posted. Whatever the talent is, where it is writing, designing, illustrations, or marketing strategies, it is easy to find a job. A few prominent freelancing websites are Upwork, Fiverr, Freelancer, etc. Besides, if you have a flair for writing, this college paper writing service is a great place to sign up and boost your writing skills. Apart from that, they also focus on delivering high-quality content in tightest deadlines, along with editing and proofreading. Nonetheless, make a note of the website, as it would be useful for any academic requirements.

    #3. Online Tutoring

    It is not only English that is possible to teach. Websites like Takelessons are one of the best places to sign up for teaching, just about anything. Lessons could be given through Skype, or Google hangouts to anyone anywhere in the world. While traveling, there is also the option for online lessons or set up one personal lesson in the cities where you are traveling to.

    #4. Take Exercise Workshops

    For those who have mastered themselves in the art of yoga or any exercise, traveling could help to set up shops anywhere. You could create activities in your own website or add them as experiences in Airbnb or similar sites. If you can manage to get one or two classes a week, that would be sufficient to meet a part of the travel expenses.

    #5. Working Holiday Visas

    Few countries like Canada, France, Ireland, Singapore, Australia, and New Zealand has this particular visa that is offered to foreigners between the ages of 18 to 30. This allows to stay in a country up to one year and in a few cases even let you work in any position. It gives an excellent opportunity to earn an income while traveling abroad.

    #6. Travel Writing

    It is not easy to establish yourself as a travel blogger or writer. It would take time. But if you put the work into it, then it might just be your forte. Even best, once you have been established, it is even possible to get sponsored to travel without spending a penny out of your pocket. You could also make money by sending travel articles to online magazines. If you get published, then it would help to build a business that way.

    #7. Tourism Industry

    Take up a summer job in the tourism or hospitality industry, and you can earn extra to cover the expenses. Even if it is bartending, or waitressing or even as a tour guide, it could also pave the way to a future career. Working in the tourism industry would mean a steady paycheck, networking opportunities and possibilities to travel as part of work.


    These are only a few ways to earn extra money to travel. As students, use the time and lack of responsibilities to experiment with things. Moreover, if you are happy with a decent place to sleep and good food, traveling could be done pretty easily with minimal expenses.

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