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    What Does Your Car Say About Your Personality?

    All the little things in your life say something about you, if you bring your lunch to work your probably a frugal cautious type, if you have tattoos your probably more outgoing and wild.

    And what type of car you have is no different, when there are so many different types of course it’s going to say something about the type of person you are. So let’s dive in and find out where you fit in.

    Giant SUV’s

    You know the one’s – Land Rovers, Range Rovers, Audi Q7 – the cars that shout look at me I’m up here!

    Maybe you thought of yourself as a rugged outdoorsman when you bought it, traipsing across rivers and up mountain sides only to realised you’re not actually that interested in sleeping in a tent.

    Or maybe you love being taller than everyone else on the road, in the command seat towering above the lesser mortals beneath you, a spectacle to behold and be feared.

    Small SUVs

    Let’s be honest, you’ve got a small SUV because you couldn’t justify buying a giant one right? No matter how much you wanted it you couldn’t quite do it?

    You’ve got all the drawbacks of the SUV with all the drawbacks of the hatchback, but at least you get to sit taller on the road right? And you get to feel that little bit bigger and better than the car your neighbour has which is all anyone wants from their SUV.

    Sensible Hatchback

    My personal dream car, we hatchbacker’s are sensible, stylish and in control, comfortable selves that we don’t need to be flashy while effortlessly getting where we need to go with a  proper gps system installed.

    Spending less on fuel and having plenty of room for the whole grocery shop in the back. Or are we actually average joe’s lacking a little excitement?


    Completely impractical and flashy as they come but if you consider leasing as an option they can be more affordable than you think. Just don’t tell the owners that because they want to be seen in an expensive car and for people to know they’re in something you normal folk simply couldn’t afford.

    You can’t carry friends, you can’t carry luggage but when you drive past people will look at you, envy you, and may even want to be you. At least that’s the hope right?

    Anything Of German Engineering

    Audi, BMW, Mercedes, these are the cars that although they may not be any more powerful mechanically speaking they are higher in social status. These are the cars you buy when you want practicality but also to be seen as wealthy and powerful because these are big cars that can be expensive to buy, at least more expensive than your neighbors.

    People will look at you and know you’ve made it, you’re comfortable, you’re doing well, not too well but still in a managerial position most likely. You’re the boss. Again, at least that’s what you like to think.

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