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    3 Hot Fashion Items You Can Start Selling Online ASAP

    Ever thought of low cost, high-profit fashion items you could start selling online ASAP? How about some no cost, high-profit fashion items you could start selling online from the comfort of your home today? Yes, you read correctly, no cost.

    Truth is fashion never goes out of fashion. People will always need fashion items whether clothing or accessories. For some others, fashion goes beyond dressing, it is business. If you fall within the latter category of fashionpreneurs but have been stranded for lack of startup capital, I’ve got some good news.

    In this article, I’ll share three (3) hot selling fashion items and show you how to target markets for more sales and profits using a dropship model.


    What is Dropshipping?

    Dropshipping basically allows you conduct retail without owning or keeping stock/inventory.


    How to Source, Select and Dropship Products Worldwide

    With dropshipping you can select, source and sell many products worldwide without needing to buy, own or stock them yourself in physical stores, thereby eliminating the need for a warehouse or other storage.

    Here’s how dropshipping works in real life:

    • Select a good dropship supplier or manufacturer
    • Select product pictures you fancy and advertise on your e-commerce website at a markup (you can edit product description)
    • Next, drive traffic to your store e.g. via Instagram or Facebook marketing
    • Shoppers visit your store and place orders
    • You pay dropship supplier or manufacturer, transfer orders to them and pocket profit
    • Dropship supplier or manufacturer picks, packs and ships order(s) to customers, and can handle returns too

    Here are

    Basic Things You’ll Need to Start Dropshipping Fashion Items ASAP

    You’ll need

    • E-commerce Website (self-hosted e.g WordPress or hosted [for you] e.g Shopify), Shopify for Facebook, Facebook Store, etc. Starting from $0/mo up
    • Dropshipping automation app like Oberlo, starting from $0/mo up
    • A good, dependable dropship supplier or manufacturer
    • A definite marketing strategy that traverses social media, mobile, display ads, content marketing, etc

    When deciding which products to sell pay close attention to those with high orders and good ratings. Make sure to read customer feedback about the supplier.

    I recommend you personally order a piece of any item(s) you wish to sell so you can have firsthand experience of its quality and feel before you start drop shipping it.

    If okay with product rating and customer feedback, you can use dropshipping automation apps like Oberlo to automatically import product pictures into your online store, set pricing rules and edit product descriptions as you see fit.

    Then, market, market, market.

    And speaking of a market, shortly I’ll show you how to identify potential markets to sell to, but for now here are three (3) fashion products you can start selling ASAP

    #1. Smartwatch

    The smartwatch has been well received in fashion circles. It has taken traditional timepieces and turned them into masterpieces that the smart and discerning love to adorn with class and candor.

    The smartwatch market has grown big, it is expected to reach $32.9b by 2020 according to reports. In 2017 alone over 75 million units were sold grossing over $12b USD in sales.

    It is unisex and fashionable with the youth including teens, Gen Z and millennials. There are several brands you can choose from retailing at different prices depending on the features and functionalities on offer.

    #2. Rubber Sliders

    Streetwear such as rubber sliders are gradually sliding into mainstream fashion consciousness. Younger consumers are loving this trend as well as some older folks.

    They’re super cool, comfortable and easy to slip in. They come in various shapes, sizes and designs with velcro straps and underfoot massage on some.

    According to Federica Levato, a partner at Bain & Company:

    There is a big market of 2.5 million euros for luxury t-shirts, for example, that is growing very fast. And a half-a-billion-euro market for rubber sliders, which is very unusual in this market.

    #3. T-shirts and Singlets

    T-shirts have been in vogue long before the magazine started. Thanks to their customizability and availability, they’ve featured in nearly every wardrobe.

    Tees, as they’re fondly called, are about as commonplace as coffee, but that doesn’t take away from this special brand of clothing that can be customized and printed on demand.

    Together with singlets, they make a winning team. Don’t take my word for it. Statistics say 2018 revenue from t-shirts and singlets amounts to $24b and the market is expected to grow annually at 1% with $22b coming from the US market alone in 2018.

    These are just three out of the many other top selling products you can dropship and make money.

    Now let’s see

    How To Identify Potential Markets To Sell To

    For illustration let’s use sunglasses. Following is one sure way to identify markets to sell to:

    Google Trends

    Google Trends can help you identify trends including trending products plus regions with high demand.

    • Visit
    • Enter your search term or keywords
    • Select period to review (in this case last 12 months)
    • Observe the visualization patterns and check for trends
    • Scroll down to see interest by subregion showing countries, regions or states with high search interests in sunglasses

    Google Trends of Sunglasses

    Below is the trend map for sunglasses in the last 12 months:

    Google Trends
    Source: Google Trends

    From the chart above we notice a downward, upward, downward, upward movement in interest in sunglasses over the past year.

    Google Trends
    Source: Google Trends

    Above we see states/subregions with the highest interest in sunglasses with New York registering 100.

    Now that’s one easy way to select and target markets for your fashion products. With this information, your marketing efforts will yield better ROI as it narrows down to highly targeted buyers.


    Learning how to select, source and sell fashion items via dropshipping is one cool way to start an online business or make money on the side. Try it and let’s hear your thoughts.

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