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    5 Ways to Get Big and Ripped Body Twice As Fast

    A person with the ripped body with big toned looks hundred times more attractive than a person with a normal body. There is no big science behind having that bodybuilder like physique. It is a matter of just simple yet tough five steps.

    The steps to get that ideal ripped body are:

    • Consuming diet with less fat and fewer calories
    • Doing smart and heavy exercises like cardio and squats
    • Surround yourself in a environment where you just want to burn those nasty calories
    • Focusing on exercise, its recovery and trying out new things.

    It’s impossible to get bigger body and then get leaner simultaneously. If you want to accomplish this you might end up in vain getting nothing. There is a lot of hard work and passion is required to achieve this ripped body, you can’t just aim to achieve it in week or a moth so Patience is a key to achieve what you dream of.

    There are five basic steps that help you get what you want

    #1. Adjust daily calories intake

    Safe and effective weight loss plans aim to zap body fat at least 1% in a week. More fat loss means that you are burning your lean but energy tissues and that is not going to help a lot. Protein intake should be moderate, protein not only helps in gaining weight but it also helps in weight loss by generating enzymes that breaks down the fat and do not let them store in the body.

    To get the exact path of your exercise and weight gain weighing yourself is really important, it will help individual to analyze about how his body is working and responding to the exercise. But if an individual is falling out of his range he can manipulate his exercise and food intakes to increase or decrease weight gain. If an individual is losing weight really fast it might not be a good sign, it also depicts that the individual is losing valuable muscle.

    #2. Train and cycling carbs to burn more body fat

    Cycling means to consume higher amount of calories on some days and smaller amounts on the others. Successful fat-loss programs require approx. 300 -700 calories burn to get the toned body but sometimes body cannot take this much of calorie loss.

    So to make your body adapt to the exercise and to control the deficiency of calories cycling is important. If the body adapts to the calorie loss it starts to gain calories from the muscle tissues that makes body weaker.

    #3. Adjust your training

    Before indulging into intense exercises one should firstly adjust the mode of training. Mass gaining workout is not going to work here. Individual should start by easy exercises to the heavy ones.

    One should choose exercises that include multijoints rather than single joint. The more number of muscles will indulge in the exercise the more one gain the muscular weight. Multijoint exercises include bench presses, rows, pull downs, squats and overhead presses, leg curls, pushdowns, leg extensions that only includes single joint of the body.

    • Start exercise with moderate heavy loads.
    • Limit the length of workouts.
    • Rest periods should get shortens with time. Maximum rest time between two reps should be 10 to 15 seconds.

    #4. Burn more calories

    How much you consume calories and how much you burn them decides your body weight and its appearance. To shed more body weight one needs to exercise intensely, for this process intensity interval training (HIIT) is used. HIIT includes cycling; intense cardio of short-duration all-out effort with very low-intensity recovery intervals should be follow up. In between rests are important to catch the breath and to relax your body to precede intense workout. Every workout should be consisted on more than 25 minutes.

    Studies have shown that HIIT has more advantages than cardio. It increased muscle growth and also effective for cardio-respiratory fitness and overall exercise performance. HIIT can be done indoors with a treadmill, ropes and even stair machine, wherever you can engage large muscles like leg, you can do this exercise there.

    On outdoors this exercise can be done by running upward and downward on stairs. HIIT training is highly intense, more than two sessions of HIIT is not suggested.

    You maybe interested in reading some books about bodybuilding and calories combo, if yes, then click here to find more about them.

    #5. Recovery from Exercise

    Intense workouts and cardio reduces calories level that leads you hungry, agitated and fatigued. To overcome this issue following methods is important to start the exact same routine the next day

    Use light cardio in start to bring heart rate and functioning to normal. According to research light aerobics and exercises can make body and mind calm so it is easy for trainers to indulge the trainee afterwards. In between rests are also important for better performance in later exercises and there are some types of steroids that can help.

    Hormones like testosterone are associated with muscle growth they are also important in gaining, storing and aiding fat loss and exercise recovery. These hormones are highly dependent on the amount of sleep your body is getting. The less the sleep, the less amount of these hormones will be produced by the body.

    Passion and indulgence works as a charging recharging battery, it keeps you going and helps to achieve what you longed for. You have to love your workouts; you should enjoy them so the sweats, weights and efforts can adapt your body. So the key to success is consistency. To achieve your goal requires monitoring about the body weight, calorie intake, training, exercises and necessary changes in your lifestyle to ensure that what you are doing is right.


    • Warm up sets are not included in the workouts. You can do as many as u want.
    • Choose appropriate weight. The time limit between set rest list should not be more than 45 to 60 seconds, it may be decreased and increased depending on the load, fatigue and recovery of the body,
    •  These workouts are for advanced training and get ripped body. Individual can adjust them according to their ease.  Intensity of the workouts can be modified basis on the ability of the individual.
    • Workouts like drop sets, supersets, density training, should be included to get the faster results.
    • Four cardio workouts should be added at the end of the workout. These exercises can be done on your off days or in the morning.

    I hope this article gave you the appropriate information. I would love to hear back from you in comment section.

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