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    3 Proven Ways to Improve Your Mental Health

    There is so much out there to improve your physical health, including TV shows, adverts, pamphlets and healthcare programs. We know we need to exercise regularly, eat a balanced diet and get enough sleep, as well as avoid things like drinking alcohol and smoking. With all this in mind, some might say it’s relatively easy to maintain good physical health, but mental health is a whole other thing.

    We know it’s not quite as easy to maintain good mental health as simply putting on a smile and being happy. Appearing to be in a good mood on the outside doesn’t mean you’re okay on the inside, and sometimes this can’t be helped. That being said, there are a number of things you can do to try and aid your mental health, and here are three of them.

    #1. Exercise

    There’s a reason that exercise is pushed so hard by health professionals, and that’s because it has been proved time and again to benefit both your mental and physical health. When you’re active, your brain releases endorphins and serotonin, the chemicals responsible for happiness and pleasure. This means after you exercise, you’ll naturally be in a better mindset than before.

    In addition to making you feel better, exercise can help with your cognitive ability, too. When you are active, more blood is pumped to the hippocampus part of your brain. This part deals with your memory, helping you to memorize things more clearly.

    If you suffer from depression or anxiety, exercising regularly can help alleviate some of the side effects. Even if you don’t suffer with mental health issues, exercise will improve your mood anyway.

    #2. Get Enough Sleep

    Almost everyone wishes they could get more sleep, but for reason or another, a lot of us get the bare minimum of eight hours only on a good night, and those are few and far between. Some of us have children who are in their infancy and who need attention throughout the night, whilst others suffer from health conditions that could contribute to insomnia.

    If you have neither of these and instead use the excuse that you go to bed late because otherwise you feel like you’re wasting the day, you need to make an effort to change your ways. When you get the recommended eight hours, your mind and body have time to restore and refresh, helping to stave off a whole host of illnesses and lifestyle-centric diseases.

    In addition, enough sleep will leave you feeling refreshed, and this will certainly help your mental health.

    #3. Give to charity

    A more obscure way to help your mental health is to give to charity. You might be wondering how this helps your mood, so we’re going to briefly explain it. If you have ever given someone a gift or donated to charity, you’ve probably had that warm, fuzzy feeling inside.

    Humans are social creatures with a capability to feel empathy. This means it’s only natural to want to help others and to feel good when you do. Giving to charity is extremely easy to weave into your daily life, whether you give Fitrana or set up a direct debit, you will no doubt improve your mental health – if only temporarily.


    Mental health is a complex thing and no two people are the same, nor are the three things listed above quick fixes by any stretch. That being said, they are proven to have somewhat of an effect, so there’s no harm in trying them out and seeing if they help you a little bit.

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