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    5 Jewelry Wearing Tips That Will Make You Look Your Best

    For centuries, people have been using jewelry to enhance their aesthetic appeal or to show off their status. It’s true that trends come and go and nothing when it comes to style is written in stone, but there are some basic guidelines that you must follow if you want to turn heads with your jewelry for all the right reasons.

    Here’s how you can wear your bling to look your best in every situation.

    Everyday pieces

    Some jewelry pieces are timeless and can be worn in all situations. One of these staple pieces is your wedding band. Also, if you need to know the time at all times (without having to check your phone)

    A wristwatch is always acceptable no matter if you’re going out to a party, having a business meeting, or just running errands around town. A simple family heirloom necklace or ring can also be worn on any occasion.

    Office pieces

    Business people have to be careful with their jewelry. You want to make sure your pieces are not too distracting or too noisy. While showing off your personal style is always on-trend, you also need to consider whether your pieces will offend clients or customers. In a conservative office, it’s best to stick to stud earrings that match your outfit.

    Leave extra-large bling at home, but feel free to opt for a subtle crystal ring, especially if you choose a soft aesthetic of rose quartz.

    If you’re a deeply spiritual person that believes in the power of crystals and gems, make sure to study rose quartz and its properties to see whether it provides the energy that will fit your life. In general, rose quartz is connected with gentleness, soothing energy, and love.

    If you’re not sure whether you’re wearing too much jewelry, it’s best to downsize. In general, it’s acceptable to wear a watch/bracelet, a ring, a pair of earrings, and a necklace.

    Pay attention to the neckline

    If you love wearing necklaces, always pay attention to your outfit. It’s best to pick a dress that will allow your jewelry to show off its full potential. Think scoop neck, V-neck, and strapless dresses to display your neck jewelry.

    If you’re wearing a shirt or a blouse, ensure it’s of a single color, and you can be sure it will match well with your necklace. To best show off your pieces, go with a neutral-tone necklace and a dark top.

    Statement earrings can enhance the face

    You have such a beautiful face, so it’s a shame to overpower its appeal with the wrong choice of jewelry. To put focus on your face, opt for a pair of statement earrings, preferably something that shines and highlights your eyes.

    When choosing earrings, take into account your face shape. The rule of thumb is that women with heart-shaped faces look best in drop earrings while those with oval faces can consider studs and geometric earrings that will best highlight their cheekbones.

    Figure out your skin tone

    Your jewelry must match your outfit, but it should also match your skin tone, highlighting your beautiful complexion with the right bling. Silver is a standard metal that goes well with most natural tones, while gold looks best when paired with dark hair and matte skin.

    When it comes to gems, cooler skin tones look amazing when adorned with red, purple, and blue gems (white gold is also a nice choice of metal for cooler skin tones). Warmer tones pair well with orange, green, and yellow gems and yellow metals.

    Now that you know the basics, experiment with pieces in your jewelry box and maybe even complete your collection of jewelry with a few new pieces. Your every outfit will look much more elevated when accompanied by the right bling.

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