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    5 Signs That Interior Designing is Your Calling

    Interior designing is one of the most creative professions out there. And aside from the creativity aspect, you can also earn good money from this. Not to mention that the industry is very stable when it comes to career growth.

    One of the best things about a career in interior designing is that you can play with your mind and you can put your ideas to life in a very practical way in the form of the interior design of a house.

    If you are naturally creative and you have a grasp in design, architecture, and practicality, with a common goal to earn big, then a career in interior designing might be the best option for you.

    But what are the signs that you’ll be a good fit for this profession?

    #1. Decorations

    If you are into decorations and decorating different places, then that’s a good sign that you will do a great job as an interior designer. This shows that you are visually creative.

    But note that decorating is not just about having all the cool-looking objects and items in different places across a room. There also lies that element of decision-making which is crucial to acing the overall feel and vibe of the space. It’s not just about making a specific place look good. But it is also about how you can get the feel of the moment once you’ve entered that space.

    Think about what your thoughts are when it comes to designing alleyways, living rooms, or maybe kitchens. If you’ve come up with numerous creative ideas and they just keep popping up, then there’s a good chance you’ll be a great interior designer.

    #2. Entrepreneurial Mindset

    Surprisingly, most interior designers become self-employed as they progress through their careers. They then start their own business especially that their skills are growing in demand these days.

    People are becoming more peculiar about design, that they prefer to consult professions instead of just coming up with designs they got from Google. And there isn’t just about residential places. Interior designers are also sought out by shopping malls, cafes, shops, and many more

    If you consider yourself as a creative person who is inclined towards entrepreneurship and business, then that’s another sign you’ll do great as an interior designer. Another sign is if you are not that comfortable and satisfied being seated in front of a desk all day working for a boss.

    #3. Finding Room for Improvement

    Another important trait that most interior designers have is their thirst for improvement. Interior designers are considered perfectionists. This means that whenever they see a space, they can describe it in deep detail and come up with ideas on how to beef up that specific space.

    An average person wouldn’t think of this because they’re not that attentive to details. Well, that’s not what’s happening with interior designers. These guys will always find and look for places that need improvement.

    Examples of these are blank spaces, cluttered corners, or maybe the lighting. Most of the time, these guys buy LED lights for their clients to make a space look and feel cozier, especially that these kinds of lights are soothing to the eyes, don’t use much electricity, and are very affordable. Interior designers also add different colors and mix them up, as well as remove things that lead to clutter. It’s a never-ending process for these guys. So, if you’re that kind of person who wants ultimate perfection in almost everything, then interior designing might just be for you.

    #4. Creative Problem Solving

    What many people think is that interior designing is all about decorating. Well, that might be true. But that’s not the entire story for interior designing. Interior designing is also about ensuring utmost functionality, practicality, and safety for the client to be happy with the results.

    Interior designers always consider their clients’ ideas because it’s not always about them. They work for their clients, so they should make sure that they blend their ideas into their clients’ thoughts.

    That might sound easy for some, but that’s challenging especially if you have a picky client. That’s where creative problem solving comes into play. This means that you know when to step back a bit and just give free rein over your client’s decision.

    But you should also maintain the balance between client suggestions and your professional ideas.

    An example of this is if your client wants to put accents in their living room but in a minimalistic way. This is a bit tricky because accents are usually eye-popping. However, what most veteran interior designers would do in situations like this is to use hot runner moulds. Hot runner moulds are growing in popularity these days because they come in different shapes, sizes, and designs. Clients can even suggest their mold design for hot runner moulds.

    You solve creative issues by becoming flexible and tolerant of other peoples’ ideas so you can create and finish a project that you and your client are happy with.

    #5. Experimentations

    If you love to experiment on textures, colors, designs, and materials, then that’s also a good sign that you’ll be a successful interior designer. You’re the kind of person who likes to express themselves through their clothes, fashion, and outfit.

    While this might seem a bit far-fetched, it shows that you are the creative kind, who’s ready to look at things in a broader, or in this case, a more fun way. You’re not afraid to make mistakes because you know how to fix them. That’s what interior designing is about.


    Interior designing is a very profitable career. But you need to be a creative person who has strong attention to detail if you want to succeed in this industry.

    You also need to know how to experiment with textures and colors of the wall, ceiling, furniture placement, and most importantly, molding designs, because these are where the overall feel and vibe of a place depends on.

    Take note of these signs and reflect on yourself. If you’ve got all of these, then go ahead and pursue your passion in the interior designing industry.

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