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    5 Ways To Revamp Your Living Space

    Sustainability is the biggest word on everyone’s lips this year with more and more people turning to responsibly sourced furniture and even upcycling old pieces themselves. This is not only fantastic for the environment but also means we can keep special items that we love. Check out these tips for breathing new life into your old pieces that in turn, breathe new life into your living spaces.

    #1. Take Care Of What You Own

    Do you have a favorite rug that’s all frayed, but you can’t bear to part with? Try a professional rug repair service! The same goes for any furniture you may have that is broken.

    If you have a gorgeous console with a wobbly leg, have a carpenter refix it. By mending what you already own you’ll save money on buying new items, plus it is far more sustainable than throwing it out to sit in a landfill.

    #2. Upcycle

    If you have a piece of furniture that is in okay condition and just doesn’t fit with your décor anymore, why not upcycle it? By transforming your existing pieces, you’re giving them a new purpose.

    You can upcycle in many ways. Painting or decoupaging an item gives it a new look and you can personalize it to really fit your interiors. Or why not think out of the box? Create a beautiful bunch of decorative flowers out of old newspapers or use an old pallet to create a coffee table.

    The possibilities are as unlimited as your imagination!

    #3. Buy Second Hand

    A weekend spent perusing garage sales and thrift stores can be super fun! Pre-loved pieces can add a little character to a room and keep costs down. Little used items such as TV cabinets often have hardly any wear and tear (or nothing so serious that a lick of paint can’t fix!) and some old pieces have been crafted by hand, meaning they are of excellent quality.

    If you find a gorgeous item that doesn’t quite work in your home, consider upcycling it to give it a brand-new look.

    #4. Accessorize

    If you’ve ever fancied being an artist now is your time to shine! Abstract art is bang on trend right now and is something you can easily make at home.

    Check out some inspiration online and get those creative juices flowing! If art isn’t your thing, add some plants into your space to brighten up a dull space. Plants are a lovely way to add some nature into a room, plus they are fantastic for your living environment.

    They have been proven to increase oxygen levels, reduce stress, and make you feel happier!

    #5. Add Atmosphere

    Using candles is a great way to add a relaxing and soothing vibe. But did you know some cheap and cheerful candles are not what they seem? Some can emit harmful toxins that pollute the air in our homes. opt for natural soy candles which are made from renewable resources – therefore eco-friendly.

    Will you be revamping your rooms using these tips? Let us know in the comments!

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