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    Creating a Luxury Conservatory: Your Must-Read Guide

    So, you’ve decided to extend your home with a conservatory! In most cases, homeowners don’t only use this area for storage, and, for most homes, it is designed to add luxury and class to their houses. Of course, luxury is tough to define, and as is the way with home décor, it is subject to change.

    In this article, 5 points that you should focus on with your conservatory will be explored to help you make the space as classy as possible, giving you pride in your home extension.

    The Flooring:

    It is safe to say that not many people are happy with the concrete floors that are in place once their conservatory is built. So, to make the space more luxurious, it is worth looking into having specific flooring types fitted. This could be wooden flooring or perhaps stone or tiles flooring from a company like Quorn Stone. Get some price estimates and then enjoy a luxury-looking room that starts underfoot!

    Air Con and Heating:

    Everyone loves summer until it is about day 5 of a heatwave, and they cannot relax in their own home! To add a touch of luxury to your conservatory, it is worth looking into an air-con unit, as well as a heating option, which will help to keep the space functional all year round. If you have a dual system installed, make sure that the walls of the conservatory can handle the weight, as the last thing you will want is a damaged conservatory wall!


    For yourself, your guests, and your pets (probably!), you will need to invest in some heating for your conservatory. However, it is worth looking at the different kinds of seating that will add to the theme of the space. For instance, if you are going for a more tropical theme in your conservatory, wicker furniture or wooden furniture can be a great way to up the luxury of the space while also being practical. If you are going for an art-deco look, seating that has a metal frame could look good.

    So, have a theme in mind for the space and make sure to match it with the appropriate seating.

    Plants (of course!):

    Even a simple parlor palm can add a touch of real luxury to your conservatory, and if you are a fan of keeping plants, this is an interesting theme to add, which will really impress your guests.

    You could opt for an indoor fern, a palm, and even a rubber plant, but why not step it up with some more exotic plants? This could include a peacock plant, a Dracena milky way, or even a philodendron white wizard. Don’t worry! These are relatively easy to care for but to enhance the luxurious look of them your conservatory, you could place them on a specific stand with a UV light hanging over them or place them in a glass dome to help with humidity. Very classy and very practical for the health of the plants.


    With a conservatory, there is going to be a fair amount of light anyway, especially if you opt for a conservatory that is made primarily of glass. However, in the winter months, you may still want to use this space, whether it is to overlook your garden or to simply sit in and read. Therefore, you will want to make sure that there is plenty of light.

    This can take the form of standing lights placed around the space or even a light fitting. Just make sure that if you are installing a light fitting that the roof or ceiling of the conservatory is able to handle the weight of it, and make sure it is properly installed by an electrician.

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