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    5 Simple Tips For Developing A Meditation Habit

    Meditation is an ancient and powerful practice to calm the mind, reduce stress and improves concentration, overall health, and well-being. To get the maximum benefits of meditation to need to practice it regularly, ideally every day. Most people struggle with maintaining a daily practice as it can be really hard to make meditation an everyday habit. I want to share my top five tips with you for how you can quickly and easily develop your daily meditation habit. These five tips are easy and simple, so you really don’t have any excuses for not promoting this habit.

    #1. Commit to a length of time

    The first tip to developing your meditation habit is to pick a period of time that works for you to practice meditation.  Make sure you choose a time, whether that’s five minutes, 10 minutes, 20 minutes, or even one or two minutes, that will work for your lifestyle and schedule. Be realistic and conservative in the time length as the most important thing is to commit to practicing for this amount of time.

    #2. Pick a time of day

    The second tip for developing your meditation habit is to pick a time of day to get it done. Whether that’s right after breakfast or during your lunch break, once you get home or even before bed. Ideally, you’ll do your meditation practice at the same time every day. However, depending on your schedule, you might have to switch it up some days. One tip you may want to consider is grouping it with an activity that you usually do anyway, such as brushing your teeth or maybe having a cup of tea.

    #3. Find a place to practice

    The third tip to developing your meditation habit is to pick a specific place to meditate. Ideally, you’ll have somewhere nice and quiet and comfortable so you can get into your meditation right away. However, this is not to say you need to meditate in a little corner in your room every time you practice. You might choose to do it in your living room or perhaps in public, in a park or even on public transportation or in the office. Wherever you pick, it’s entirely up to you for the step forward.

    #4. Practice with a friend

    The fourth tip for developing your meditation habit is to do with a friend’s doing a class or use the guided meditation, a tool to help you out. Having someone else that you’re relying on is going to force you to keep yourself accountable, not only to yourself but also to that person, and you might find that you’ll actually have a better meditation when you’re doing it, not just by yourself.

    #5. Don’t judge your meditation practice

    My fifth and final step for developing your meditation habit is not to judge your meditations. Just be happy you sat through them. Don’t attach any negative thoughts to them, whether you were in the zone the entire time or maybe you were stuck in your head the whole time. Just be happy that you actually sat through it.

    I recommend to just jump into making meditation a habit and pick a couple of minutes, find a day and a place and do whatever you can commit to. Find a meditation technique that is the best to focus and clear your mind. You can choose between many types of meditations like breath awareness, mala mantra meditation, Loving Kindness Meditation, mindfulness or body awareness meditation, Vipassana, Vedic, or Zen meditation.

    If you’ve got any further questions about developing a meditation habit, leave them below in the comments, and I’ll get back to you.

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