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    What To Do If Your Child Has Crooked Teeth

    If your child has permanent teeth coming in – a process known as eruption – and some of the teeth are crooked, it can be a worrying time for both you and your child. However, it’s important not to panic. On some occasions, mild crookedness will straighten out by itself over time.

    For slightly more severe cases, there are different treatment options available that you can discuss with your child’s dentist. Your child should also be involved in these discussions, so together you can choose the method of treatment that will be most beneficial – and that they feel most comfortable with.

    Common Causes Of Crooked Teeth in Children

    Crooked permanent teeth can be caused by several different things. Unfortunately, in some cases, genetics can play a role. Generally, however, crooked teeth are caused by a tangible physical problem, such as behavioral issues (including excessive pacifier use, tongue sucking, and thumb sucking) or by several different dental issues. These can range from a baby tooth that has failed to dislodge to gum problems caused by decayed baby teeth and overcrowding resulting from a small jaw.

    Why Crooked Teeth Should Be Corrected

    Besides causing your child to feel self-conscious about their smile, crooked teeth can also have an impact on their health. For one thing, crooked teeth are more difficult to clean, particularly if they are arranged at an angle to one another. This can make it harder – or sometimes even impossible – for toothbrush bristles and interdental brushes to fit between them and get rid of food particles and plaque. Ineffective cleaning over a long period of time will inevitably lead to poor dental hygiene and physical symptoms such as inflamed gums and bleeding.

    Crooked and overcrowded teeth can even, in some cases, cause problems with speech. This can affect your child’s confidence as they struggle to communicate properly.

    Treatment Options For Children

    Fortunately, correcting crooked permanent teeth as a child is generally an easier and more straightforward process than correcting them as an adult. This is because children are still growing and, up to a certain age, are still going through the process of losing their milk teeth and gaining their full set of adult teeth.

    If you are concerned about your child’s crooked teeth the first step is to consult with their dentist and see what they advise. Most commonly, they will probably recommend braces or clear aligners to help straighten teeth. The type of brace or aligner your child uses will depend on several factors, including their age and your budget for treatment. If you are not sure when to consider opting for clear aligners for your child, this expert guide from ALIGNERCO will be able to give you all the answers and information you need.

    Speak With Your Child

    Getting dental treatment can be a nervous time, especially for children. If your child needs dental treatment to help straighten their teeth, consider sitting them down to discuss the next steps. Be open and honest about the process. Answer any queries they might have or find out the questions together. Help to put any concerns at ease as you help them through the process.

    Whichever option you go for, it should only be a few months before your child can enjoy straighter healthier teeth that allow them to smile with confidence.

    If you’re considering getting your child braces or an aligner, you can check out this dentist in Stockton to get started.

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