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    Does a Weekender Bag Count as a Carry-On or Personal Item?

    When your day-to-day grind has you feeling burnt out, there’s nothing like a quick getaway to recharge and refresh your outlook. Heading off for a spontaneous escape is a great way to clear your mind, and having the perfect weekend bag at the ready allows you to fly off without a care. If you’re worried about whether a small bag is sufficient and whether these handy totes qualify as a carry-on or personal item, here’s what you should know.

    Understanding Airline Guidelines:

    Checking luggage and collecting it at the baggage carousel for a short jaunt is a waste of time. Swapping out your usual gear for an airline-ready weekend travel bag puts everything you need right in the plane cabin, so you spend less time at airports and more time having fun.

    Although each airline has varying definitions of what constitutes personal items versus carry-on luggage, there are basic guidelines. While size is the factor most carriers use to determine onboard restrictions, your bag’s appearance and how you carry it impact how it’s classified. A tote that looks like a handbag and is carried over the shoulder is more likely to be treated as a personal item. With a bag like this, you avoid checked baggage challenges and save on carry-on fees.

    Determine Which Size Is Right for You:

    Picking the right size for your weekender is a balance between getting the space you need and making sure yours meets airline guidelines. After doing a quick restriction check with carriers that fly from your local airport, it’s time to figure out what you typically bring along on weekend jaunts.

    Lay out toiletries and necessities, and then put together a few ensembles that work for a variety of trips. Don’t forget to include undergarments and beachwear! Use bags you own as a point of comparison to see what size weekender you need; you may have to edit out a few items, but the convenience of traveling lightly with a single, manageable bag is well worth it!

    Pack Like a Pro:

    Once you’ve purchased your weekender, do a few packing trial runs so you’re ready when the opportunity to head out arises. For maximum efficiency, follow these tips from pro travelers:

    • Purchase soft-sided packing cubes to separate and compress clothing
    • Use small, vacuum-sealed bags to further reduce the room your apparel takes up
    • Choose wrinkle-proof fabrics and items you can quickly wash and dry to re-wear
    • For your flight, dress in layers and wear your bulkiest clothing so that fewer and lighter items need to go in your weekender
    • Shop for travel-sized toiletries and keep them in your bag to save both space and time

    Now that you know all about using a weekender bag for your spur-of-the-moment sojourns, it’s time to start shopping. Visit the website of a trusted retailer to browse the best travel bags for women, compare options, and then order yours today. You’ll be all set for easy-breezy packing the next time you need to take a break!

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