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    5 Ways you can Utilize Instagram Stories to Increase Engagement as an Influencer

    Instagram allows you to create a diverse set of content, which is why Instagram has always been a favorite amongst influencers. Now, there are more influencers on Instagram than ever before.

    Even influencers from other social media platforms create accounts and post content on Instagram. Due to this, no matter what type of content you create, you are likely to have competition, and it is becoming increasingly difficult to stand out and engage the audience.

    To get past this obstacle, you need to be creative and develop an excellent strategy to market your account and grab the attention of all your viewers. Instagram stories can be great tools if you utilize them to their potential. If you regularly post on Instagram stories and use these 5 story ideas, you can interact with and engage your audience more and increase your views as an influencer.

    5 Effective Instagram Story Ideas

    #1. Announce your new posts or content

    Instagram stories can be a great means to announce new posts or tease new content. You must have seen many accounts posting a story about new content on their story without actually revealing the content. It leads viewers of the story to click on the story to view the actual post.

    You can use a set of Instagram story templates that you can use to announce when you post new content. Just ensure people can tap on it to be redirected to the post. Also, ensure that the post isn’t visible in the story. You can cover it with a sticker or blur it out and place a sticker saying “New Post!”

    #2. Take people behind the scenes

    People love getting to know the people they are following. Yes, your curated posts are interesting and eye-catching. Still, there is something more captivating about seeing a person’s actual personality and how they like to spend their time outside of social media, and what they are like behind the scenes.

    Every once in a while, you can take people behind the scenes and show them glimpses of your daily life. Instagram stories are a great means to do so, and you can easily create day-in-the-life clips that you post in your stories.

    If you have any big events coming up or you are preparing for something, you can show your followers the prep that goes into it by posting clips on your stories. If there is a related post, you can add a button that redirects them to that post too. 

    #3. Ask for your Follower’s Opinions

    You must have seen the stickers available on Instagram stories that allow you to have polls, quizzes, and even sliders for reactions. Make use of these stickers!!

    Adding such stickers will make your content more diverse and interactive and allow you to get your followers’ opinions and ideas about what they like and dislike.

    You can post comparative photos of things related to your brand and content and create a poll to ask your audience what type of content they prefer. It will give you feedback while also increasing engagement.

    You can have quizzes relevant to your content genre or even just random quizzes occasionally. You can even have a week where you post a question each day, have a competition, and announce a few winners with the most right answers at the end of the week. It can even turn into a giveaway.

    The reaction slider is also a great tool to gauge viewer opinion, as you can get people to rate the content you are posting and get an idea of how much they like it. 

    #4. Let your followers ask you questions, or you can ask them questions

    The question sticker is a great way to talk to your followers.

    You can use it to have a Q&A session where people send in their questions, and then you can respond to the questions on your stories. It will lead to more engagement as people will send in questions and keep an eye out for your response.

    You can also ask a question, let people send in their responses, and then react to those. These questions can range from simply them recommending you something or asking people to send in their most interesting stories or moments.

    These will allow you also to create a connection with your audience and get to know them better.

    #5. Geolocation can be a Great Tool

    Geolocation is not discussed much but is a useful tool to increase visibility. When you are in a certain location or post a story about a certain place, make sure to tag the location using the stickers. It will lead to people seeing your story when they search for that location even if they don’t follow you, increasing engagement and perhaps even your follower count.


    Many influencers might overlook Instagram stories, but they are important in promoting your content and engaging your audience. These 5 tricks can help you utilize Instagram stories smartly and regularly to increase engagement, visibility, and follower count. While you may be a bit confused about how to get started, you can use Instagram story templates in the beginning to create interesting stories and then go on from there.

    The Instagram algorithm makes accounts with more engagement and followers more visible, so you need to work on your account engagement to maximize visibility.

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