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    7 Health Benefits of Red Light Therapy

    Today, the world has got so many solutions for any issues in any field, thanks to the development of the technology. When we consider about the fields or industries which have affected by the development of the technology, medical field is one of those fields which top the list. In contrast to earlier time, to we got the latest technologies installed in medical centers and people have the chance to get very advanced treatments. When it comes to the diseases which we have today, there are many causes which affect to these diseases. Dying or malfunctioning of cells is one of the major causes for many diseases, especially the skin related ones. Over the years there were many treatments brought on to the stage, but the best treatment for this was found 40 years back. That is the red light therapy. This treatment was introduced with the invention of lasers and with the time the red light therapy has developed a lot and people can get this treatment with more features.

    What is red light therapy?

    As mentioned before, red light therapy which is also known as photobiomodulation or light box therapy is a treatment which is in the use for forty years now and it is using certain wavelengths of lights to restore or repair body cells or tissues which are in a risk of dying or malfunctioning. When it comes to the red light used in here, the most effective ones are varying from 630-670 and 810-880 wavelengths.

    How does the red light therapy work?

    red light therapy work

    There is a function called mitochondrial which affect to the increase of the cellular energy which helps to the better functionality of the body cells and tissues. Through the red light therapy, this mitochondrial function is increasing. When the red light is deployed on the area where the patient has the issues, it will penetrate the skin up to 8-10 millimeters, affecting all the cells and tissues around that area. So the cells and the tissues which are at the risk of dying will start to function as before.

    So you should get a better idea about what red light therapy is and how it works. When it comes to the benefits of this treatment, there are so many that you can have. Following are some of those benefits which you can get through this therapy.

    Heal the wounds and repair tissues

    People get wounds by many ways and when it comes to the issues in tissues, they too have different causes. With the photobiomodulation, you can heal your wounds and tissues because of its effects for the regeneration of fibroblasts, keratinocytes and modulation of immune cells all found within skin tissue. In contrast to any other laser treatments, this therapy will be safe and you will have better results with it.

    Increase Immunity

    The immunization of people is varying according the person. Some have a strong immunization system which helps them to heal quickly and of some are it is weak. So they will take some time to heal. With the red light therapy, you have the chance to increase your immunity. So that if you have a stronger immunity, you will recover faster and if you have a weak immunity, you can make things better with this treatment. And you will get more strength to deal with your daily activities with more effectiveness.

    Reduce side effects of cancer treatments

    Through some researches, NASA in collaboration with the University of Alabama at Birmingham hospital found that the red light therapy can reduce the symptoms of cancer. We know that cancer patients have to go through very painful treatments such as radiation and chemotherapy. Through the photobiomodulation, these patients can reduce their pain and it will affect for their new cells to grow well and so that they can be better. So this another important benefit which you can get through this treatment.

    You will look younger than your age

    All of us love to look young and fit regardless of gender. Because of that people go through various treatment processes so that they can get their job done. But some of these treatments may affect you in bad way afterwards. So it is important to choose a safer way to achieve this. Through light box therapy your skin cells will begin to function well and there will be no side effects that you have to face. Since this treatment helps for the better functionality of the cells and tissues, you will look younger than your age.

    Improved joint and musculoskeletal health

    Not only for skin, the red light therapy can affect your bones and joints. Today there are so many people who are suffering from various joint issues like arthritis. Although there are so many treatments for these joint issues, most of them are not bringing any good for these patients. But researches done with the red light therapy have proven that it can improve the joint functionalities and the musculoskeletal health. So it is another benefit that you will get through this therapy.

    Helps to get rid of depression

    We may have to go through stress conditions or depression due to various reasons. It may be because of the issues in your working place or it may be your family issues or it may have any other cause. Anyhow you need to get rid of this situation in order to function in the normal way. Although there are many ways to do this, the photobiomodulation is one of the best, fastest and safest ways to do that. This happens when the red light is deployed in the brain cells. It helps you to regain your self-confidence, positivity, passion and joyfulness which will allow you to function in a better way.

    100% natural and chemical free

    Unlike other treatments that you go through to treat issues related to cells and tissues, this method is 100% natural and there are no artificial chemical influence. So you will be having safer treatments with the red light therapy and you will not have to face any side effects due to this.

    So it should be obvious that red light therapy or photobiomodulation is one of the best ways to increase the functionality of your cells and tissues and you will be having lot of benefits because of this treatment.

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