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    How does Live Streaming Work?

    If you are thinking of starting live streaming, you must first develop a basic understanding of how it works and what are the fundamental aspects of online video streaming that you must keep in mind. Once you are well aware of the basics, you are good to set off on your adventure.

    You should know the basic equipment that you must have, in order to start live streaming. The main things you will need include a video and audio source, a video encoder, a streaming platform to publish, and of course, something like Time Warner internet to ascertain stable internet connectivity all the time.

    You would definitely not want to experience the torture of buffering or signal drop, which is a sheer annoyance. Now, let’s dig deeper into the various aspects that count while we live stream.

    Video/Audio Sources

    When you live stream and use your camera for transmitting video data, it is called a video source. An audio source, on the other hand, is used for uploading audio data. A simple stream may have just a single audio and video source involved. On the other hand, a complicated stream can have more audio and video sources.

    The video source used for a live stream may be a DSLR camera, a computer screen, a webcam, a phone camera, or a camcorder. When you are live streaming, you will not necessarily require a storage card in your camera.

    The audio sources that can be used are embedded in the video source if you run the microphone signal through the camera. In other words, they will transfer together via one cable. It is a much common way of getting audio.

    The background music choice matters too, as it often helps to grab the maximum attention of the users. Sometimes, the background music is so catchy that the viewer gets hooked to the live stream. However, what is important to note here is the fact that you have to be mindful while choosing background music.

    Check before to make sure that you stay out of copyright violation claims as that might even result in your content being banned by online video platforms.

    Choose a Streaming Destination

    A streaming destination refers to an online platform or an app where your live stream can be accessible to others. Also known as Content Delivery Network or CDN, some free ones include Facebook live, YouTube, etc.

    You can opt for paid or free CDNs of your choice. The paid CDNs offer better control when it comes to who can see your live stream and how you can monetize it.

    How to Choose a CDN?

    Every CDN has a particular audience, which is why you must know your target audience first. Only then you will be able to decide which CDN can best serve your purpose of creating an impact. For instance:

    Twitch: If you are into gaming, then you might find Twitch as one of the best platforms for a free start with some amazing tiers if you are interested.

    Facebook (Free): It is another popular platform for connecting to the wider community of users and can be a great place to promote your brand.

    YouTube (Free): It can also be used as a free live streaming platform, regarding personal or lifestyle streams.

    It is recommended that you start with a free CDN, so you get well aware of what things work better than others and then move to a paid one if you want.

    Do you know what this means? You can start live streaming right now, free!

    A Consistent Internet Connection

    One of the critical aspects of a successful live stream session is a fast and reliable internet connection. It is generally assumed that a hardwired Ethernet connection is more steady as compared to wireless internet.

    You can go live on a wireless network or a cellular network too, but there are chances that you might experience lag or slow speeds. It is advised to run a speed test before you decide to upload your live stream, so you can minimize any chances of network errors, causing a hindrance in your stream.

    Wrapping Up

    To sum it all up in the light of the aforementioned discussion, you can say that live streaming requires setting up your audio/video sources, and choosing and configuring your streaming destination settings. Before that, you should be clear about your target audience so you can make a wiser CDN choice.

    Make sure you have some good lightings and if you need, you can test your live stream by creating a dummy account first. Understanding the aforementioned basics along with some top practices and research can be really helpful in making your live streams stand out.

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