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    How to Effectively Manage Nausea at Home?

    Do you struggle with nausea and feeling unwell daily?

    Many factors can increase your risk of nausea. Perhaps you overate or may have had an emotional shock. Extreme levels of stress can also contribute to nausea.

    To manage nausea at home, try the tips below.

    Drink Something Cool:

    Slowly sip a glass of refrigerated water. You don’t want to shock your stomach; ice water may lead to additional discomfort. Close your eyes and listen to some music that lifts your spirit while you focus only on drinking in small sips.

    Let the water play over your tongue. Hold it in your mouth while you inhale and exhale slowly. Avoid carbonated beverages while you let your stomach settle. Because odors can trigger nausea, try to sit near an open window and get a bit of fresh air.

    Take the Pressure Off Your Stomach:

    If you have a recliner, sit down, stretch out, and put your feet up. Too much pressure on an upset stomach can be pretty uncomfortable. A recliner will allow you to elevate your head without folding your body too tightly over your belly.

    If you need to lie down entirely, keep your head elevated. Lying flat could lead to heartburn and, ultimately, reflux. Once you’re stretched out, you can drink more cool water to soothe any over-acidification of your stomach.

    Try Antacids:

    You may get some relief from taking an antacid. Be aware that antacids can lead to other complications, including constipation and gas. If you take one, ensure you continue to drink plenty of water.

    Use Medical Marijuana:

    You may also benefit from medical marijuana. If you smoke or vape cannabis, you may find that a small dose after each meal may settle your stomach more effectively than other products. For those who prefer edibles, a CBD oil capsule may make it easier to digest a large meal without nausea.

    Depending on the laws in your state, you may qualify for a medical marijuana card. Consult a medical marijuana doctor to see if you have a medical condition that fits the criteria. If you do, you can visit a local dispensary to stock up on cannabis strains, edibles, and other marijuana products.

    Focus on Lemons:

    A bit of lemon in a glass of cool water can help overcome nausea. It is beneficial if your nausea is related to constipation or a sluggish colon. Do take care to avoid overloading on lemon; it may contribute to stomach upset if you use too much.

    The scent of lemons can also help reduce the impact of nausea. If your symptoms are temporary and rare, combine a few drops of lemon essential oil with a carrier oil in a roller jar.

    When nausea hits, sit near an open window or in front of a fan. Next, put a dab of lemon oil under your jawline on your pulse points. That way, the lemon scent will waft toward your nose without overpowering your sense of smell.

    Another idea is to close your eyes or put on a sleeping mask while infusing lemon. Practice deep breaths to get the most from your dabs of lemon oil while your stomach settles.

    Keep a Food Journal:

    If your nausea is frequent, it’s time to track it. What are you eating that may be triggering your nausea? Are you watching television or listening to a radio news program that contributes to emotional upset? All these triggers may result in you having an upset stomach.

    Eat Smaller, More Frequent Meals:

    For those who struggle with stomach sensitivity when stress levels are high, it’s essential to make changes. For example, going from 3 meals to 5 small meals per day may make sense. Make sure you are consuming lean proteins and simple carbs. If you notice nausea after eating a large meal containing many raw foods, dial back on the salads. Instead, finish each meal with 1/4 cup of unsweetened applesauce. Applesauce can reduce hyper-acidification and is a healthy dose of soluble fiber.


    Struggling with nausea can affect your life, and it can get challenging to enjoy the little things. Feeling dizzy and not yourself can put a damper on activities and productivity. Thankfully, there are effective ways to lessen your dizziness and nausea. Apply the above tips to decrease the dizziness you experience, and your body will thank you.

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