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    How To Lose Weight In Your Arms

    These days women choose to look aesthetical and appealing and that’s why they search for how to lose weight in your arms. In a bid to do this they do not restrict themselves to a strict diet but also try their hand at various things.

    Obese looks are often said to dent the confidence in women to a great extent. On the other hand, it is a good idea to look and feel fit.

    It is good not just in a physical aspect but for the psychological well being as well in women but mostly women losses weight very gently but there arms are still heavy.

    To have a perfect figure for women is often considered a daunting task. However, this is a common misconception among most women in the world. By way of doing basic exercises right one can look slim and attractive and lose excess fat in their body.

    These exercises do not require you to hit the gym on a regular basis as they can be done at home as well.

    How To Lose Weight In Your Arms

    To have an adorable and attractive look one would have to ensure they have standard mass in accordance to the length ratio right. This applies for both the arms and legs which often can excess fat or flesh that you wish to get rid of.

    Excess fat in the arms can often feel saggy which is not a feeling any women would want despite the age category they belong to. Even if you are into exercising regularly there are chances of excess mass building up in your arms.

    We list below a few tips that are easy to follow that can help you in losing weight in your arms.

    It does not involve heavy exercising and takes very little time out of your tight schedule. Making time for these light exercises would ensure that you have a slim and slender arm that are of the perfect shape for your body.

    Not only would you love your looks but you would also have people envying it at the same time too.

    #1. Doing Push-ups

    Push up

    There are many people who often undermine the effects that push-ups have on your body. This is one of the primary reasons that they choose to ignore doing this and think that these are only ideal for men.

    However, this is far from the truth as this form of exercising has double benefits for women as well.

    They are one of the most ideal exercises that you can perform without the need of any equipment. It also is ideal by helping you reduce fat in your underarm that many people are not aware of. The other aspect that it helps you with abs in your abdomen while you do push-ups.

    People who are new to start doing push-ups can find it a daunting task. However, to begin with you can choose to use the support of your knees. Once you begin to get comfortable with it you can start doing push-ups without the help of your knees.

    The normal type of push-ups is sure to help you in losing weight in your arms. By just supporting your hands and feet you can do this exercise.

    #2. Do Weight Lifting

    Weight Lifting

    It is quite common that women associate weight lifting with the process of lifting heavy weights.

    This is not the case for reducing arm fat as you would not have to lift weights such as curls or dumbbells. By lifting 1.4 kgs of weight or roughly 3 pounds that is equivalent to a 2-litre water bottle is good enough.

    This does not involve hard core exercise and is one of the optimal ways in which you can reduce arm fat. Sitting in a chair that does not have arm rest is important to begin with this exercise.

    Positioning your arms in such a way that it touches your ear is the first step. For this you would have to place your hands above your head and move it towards your back in the downward direction. Repeating this process in sets of 3 with 20 times per set can be very helpful with reducing arm fat.

    Beginners can choose to take up a minute’s rest in between sets and choose to reduce or increase the duration of rest if necessary. This process is also said to reduce the potential risks that we have towards blood pressure and diabetes. This exercise is said to increase your overall energy, health, and physical fitness according to the American college of sports science.

    #3. Do Arm Circles

    Arm Circle

    Women who are associated with sports are known to do this exercise quite often. What a common woman does not understand is the fact that this can also help tone down arm fat with relative ease without having to hit the gym.

    This helps women in toning their muscles to attain the best shape and size in their arms. Keeping your feet apart and stretching your hands in a horizontal angle to the floor is how you get started.

    Once you are in this position you can move your arms forward and backward in a semi-circle direction. You do not have to think too much about the amount of energy that you would require. This is because even people on a complete vegan diet can do this exercise without much trouble.

    #4. Wrist Rotation

    Wrist Rotation

    Normal wrist rotation is good for people who are not keen on reducing weight in their arms.

    However, for best results you are advised to hold a bottle with a liter of water in it while you rotate your wrists in both clockwise and anti-clockwise directions.

    This should be done in circular motions at a normal pace. The duration for each wrist rotation can be for up to 60 seconds before you shift to your other wrist.

    Wrist rotation of this kind is considered and proven to yield results in a short span of time in reducing weight in your arms.

    #5. Working on Triceps and Reducing Fats

    Tricep Workout

    One of the most common places where fat is stored in the arms is in the triceps area. Thus, this part of your arms would have to be worked on along with any other exercise that you are already taking up.

    So, working on your triceps is as important as exercising any other part of your arm. By using a body for your arms and things can give you the optimal shape and size.

    To be able to practice this exercise effectively you would have to be seated on the floor without any support whatsoever. Your hands should be aligned to the width of your shoulder and facing your hips. Your feet should be in front of you with the toe facing upwards.

    Once you are in this position you should gently lift your hip putting weight on your hands. While one hand should be bent the other should be straight in position.

    You can change arms with the same process for both arms for a 10-minute period.

    The exercise transfers most of your body weight on to your triceps that ensures that the excess weight is lost easily.

    #6. Scissors Stretching of your Arms

    Scissors Stretching

    It is one of the fun ways in which you can reduce weight in your arms. Again, this form of exercise does not require that you hit the gym.

    To begin with you would have to stretch your arms to the side of your body and to a position that is horizontal to the floor.

    Moving it towards the front of your body and forming a position that is similar to that of a scissors is all that you have to do.

    In case you would want to double it up for your thigs as well as legs you can move your legs along with your arms and have it in a similar position too.

    This is by far the easiest and one of the most effective ways to reduce fat or weight in your arms as well as legs.

    #7. Nutritional and Well-Balanced Diet

    Balanced Diet

    Last but not the least of all is having a nutritional and well-balanced diet. One should ensure that they never skip breakfast, eat healthy, and drink plenty of water.

    Avoiding junk food, food items with too much carbs, and processed food can be a great way to reduce arm fat. Drinking a lot of water can help your metabolism and boost energy levels in your body.

    Always remember that taking up any form of exercise would have its own repercussions. To begin with, you may have muscle aches and find an increased difficulty in moving around.

    However, this should not demotivate you and make you stop doing these exercises. These things happen as your body is not used to it and would take time to get accustomed to it.

    As time goes by you would find that you no longer have aches or pains but feel an increase in energy levels. You would also see a considerable difference in how your arms look as time goes by. This means that you practice these exercises on a regular basis and keep it part of your regular routine. Ensure that you set your schedules in such a way that you do not skip your routine of exercising.

    This can go a long way in helping you achieve your goals that how to lose weight in your arms.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

    How can I slim down my arms?

    Sliming down your arms is not an easy task but cardiovascular exercise can help you alot in it. Cardiovascular exercise includes Brisk, swimming and boxing etc.

    How can I lose arm fat in a week?

    Losing arm fat in a week is not that easy or even possible. There are many exercises which can start reducing your arm fat like Bicep Curls, side plank and tricep dips etc.

    Why is it so difficult to lose arm fat?

    If you are doing the right exercise and taking right diet but not losing fat then Chronic stress is the reason of not losing weight.

    Do push ups make your arms skinnier?

    Push-ups can surely helps you in reducing arm weight and it can also strengthen your core.


    Losing arm weight is not that difficult to do, just you need to follow our given tips and by doing exercises, exercises like Push-ups, Arm Circles, Wrist Rotation etc.

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