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    How to Start a Fitness Routine

    As it nears the end of the summer, we’re all feeling like our summer bodies are something we no longer have to worry about. Not really. It’s not that we just have to worry about our “summer bodies,” but that we should also be worrying about our bodies all the time. It’s not that we should be worrying per se, but we should be taking care of the sacred vessel that keeps us all together.

    Working out can be frustrating. As you get older, work becomes more stressful and often comes with extended hours. It can be hard to squeeze in a workout if you aren’t a morning person or if you already had a long day at work. That’s why creating a routine can be the best method of action. Research shows that it takes 21 days to start a habit. You better get started!

    What kind of workout do you want?

    Everyone likes to work out differently. There are some runners who want to catch and sustain their high, some kick boxers who want to release all their negative energy, spin aficionados who are borderline masochistic, yoga gazelles who can bend their bodies into distortions, and the list goes on. You might be one of these things. You might be a combination of these things. You might be none of these things. No matter what, you just have to find the right balance for you.

    You’ve probably already somewhat deduced the right workout for you if you’ve at all moved your body during your lifetime (that’s a joke!). Think back to which workout you enjoyed the most. Was it kayaking down the river, walking all over a new city, playing on a soccer team, or swimming long distances? Whatever you gravitated to the most, find out how you can recreate these moments on your own time.

    Where do you want to work out?

    Most people like to work out at a gym. It keeps them going because they have to pay each month. They’re forced into participating because so many people surround them. There are a plethora of options in terms of classes and machinery, and they have access to a personal trainer. Gyms bring a sense of organization to the gym-goers’ routine. It’s usually the first place to start.

    Before you buy that gym pass, there might be something that’s on the tip of your tongue. You just might not be a gym person. You might not be a group class person either. That doesn’t mean you have to give up on a routine altogether. You’ll just have to give up a traditional routine. Who needs tradition, anyway? If you’re a dog owner, you have the ultimate gym discount in your hands already because there are many unique ways you can exercise with your dog.

    Many people like to work out alone. Find a place where you feel comfortable and safe. Whether that’s at home with old Billy Blanks Tae Bo videos, Yoga On Demand, or dancing on your own, don’t skip out on this valuable time to yourself that your body needs, too.

    Once you find the perfect workout and the perfect location to get your heart rate up, you’re ready to start a routine that will keep you happy, healthy, and entirely you.

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