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    All You Need To Know About Natural Emollients

    Everyone wants clear, smooth, and soft skin. But given the number of chemicals that are being used in beauty products, it becomes an easy cause of distress and does more harm than good in the long run. However, not all hopes are lost as you can still utilize things extracted from nature to have your ideal healthy skin.

    One of the greatest solutions to that is natural emollients by sophim. Natural emollients are types of oils and butter extracted from plants that help in filling the cracks and gaps of your skin to give you soft and healthy skin. Today, we will be taking a look at natural emollients and talk about everything that you might need to know to achieve great, glowing, healthy skin. Let’s get started!

    Natural Emollient Oils

    As mentioned earlier, natural emollients can be found as oils and butters extracted from plants. They are natural and very healthy for cosmetic application. Oils are extracted from the seeds, fruits, and nuts of plants and remain in liquid state at room temperature.

    They are great for softening your skin and effective against aging. If you look at it properly, you will get to know that they consist of a variant mixture of natural fatty acids (gamma-linoleic, linoleic, oleic acids, etc.).

    The composition of these fatty acids then becomes useful for certain purposes and uses for different types of skins. Let us now take a look at different types of natural emollient oils for different skin types:

    ● For oily skin

    It is often told not to use oil on acne-prone or oily skin. However, that is not true for oils. Even if you have oily skin, you would still need to hydrate your skin. Otherwise, it might lead to more outbreaks and acne. In such cases, going for oils with a high concentration of linoleic acid usually does the trick. Some examples are:

    ● For sensitive skin

    If you have sensitive or inflamed skin, you should go for oils rich in gamma-linoleic acids. Some examples are:

    • Borage oil
    • Evening Primrose oil

    ● For dry skin

    For dry skin type, oils with high oleic acid content can penetrate and reach deep within the skin to moisturize. Some oils that you can try out are:

    • Olive oil
    • Sweet Almond oil
    • Avocado oil

    Natural Emollient Butter

    Oil extracted from plants that become solid at room temperature is basically what natural emollient butter is. The reason why they stay solid at room temperature is because of the fatty acids it contains in them. These fatty acids are more saturated than the ones found in oils. Therefore, their melting point is higher, and thus they stay solid even at room temperature.

    Because of their solid state, they are thicker and richer, giving your skin a more rich feel. This is the reason why they are used a lot in body lotions and moisturizers to bring a lush and creamy consistency. Shea and cocoa butter are popular examples of natural emollient butter.

    So that is all there is to know about natural emollients. Because of natural emollient properties, it is great for moisturizing your skin naturally to give you glowing and healthy skin. If you want to get your hands on some excellent natural emollients, do follow

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