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    Tiny Details for a Pinterest-Worthy Home

    We’ve all had those days where you spend a solid two hours drooling over interior design pictures on social media. It’s natural to want your space to be beautiful, but the images we see online can seem unattainable.

    Believe it or not, achieving an aesthetic and minimalist home isn’t as hard as it seems. Sleek, chic and Pinterest-worthy living rooms, bedrooms and kitchens really do come down to the finer details of how you style the room. Here are a few easy tips to up your aesthetic game.

    Replace Containers

    There’s nothing quite as unappealing as a bright yellow hand-soap bottle standing next to your kitchen sink. Or what about the green bottle of spray cooking oil you leave next to your stovetop? As inconspicuous as they may seem, these clashing colours and cheap-looking products can do serious damage to the aesthetic appeal of a room.

    Start small by replacing the containers for these on-the-counter products with neutral and minimal containers. Opt for a glass foaming soap dispenser next to your sink, and a matching set of olive oil and vinegar bottles styled next to wooden salt and pepper grinders.

    Minimise Your Colour Palette

    The golden rule of minimalism is that less is more. While you can still achieve a gorgeous home with bold bright colours and loads of décor, the growing trend in the interior design space is that of a clean and simple look.

    Focus on neutrals as the base of your home design and strip colour-clutter from your space. Pick an accent colour for each room and let it show in subtle pops and bursts. This could look like a sleek white kitchen offset with sage green kitchen towels, an indoor plant on the windowsill and a green set of coffee mugs displayed by the kettle.

    Reduce the Clutter

    Displaying items seems like a good way to decorate, no? Of course, we can’t have completely bare shelves, countertops and coffee tables. This would look cold, clinical and downright boring.

    However, being more selective about what you display can make a huge difference. Keep as many of your kitchen accessories and appliances as possible stored away in cupboards to make way for a clear and open counter space. Pick two to three items to display on your coffee table and don’t allow your display shelves to become units for hordes of trinkets and useless items.

    Keep it Light and Bright

    A dark and cosy space might be appealing to some, and if that’s your style, go for it! But it’s been proven that a lighter and brighter living space is better for our mental health and can make us feel more refreshed and energetic throughout the day.

    Even more, whites, creams, and light tones are constantly trending upwards online. Natural light can make a space feel more open and spacious, and a brighter room simply feels cleaner and more inviting than a dark and gloomy space.

    Simple Décor

    Too much of a good thing does exist, and décor is a prime example. First of all, too much décor in the form of artwork, trinkets, candles, etc, can start looking more like clutter than decorative pieces.

    Second, it’s important to know what a décor piece is too loud for a room. Extremely bold and busy artwork can work in a more subtly furnished room, to add a burst of personality. However, if your room is already colourful, cluttered or overflowing with items and furniture, you might want to downplay the décor a little.

    Clean As You Go

    These images we see online of perfectly curated homes don’t display the reality of shoes kicked off in the living room, dirty dishes piled on the counter or car keys dropped onto whatever surface was nearby.

    While these are all natural parts of being human and actually living in your home, there’s nothing wrong with being proactive about keeping your space neat and tidy.

    Employ a one-touch rule where if you pick something up, it can only be placed down again in its own home where it belongs. Put dishes straight into the dishwasher and schedule a 10-minute clean-up each morning or evening to ensure a neat and mess-free space.

    Final Thoughts

    While an aesthetic home really is the dream, there is so much more to your pace than what it looks like. Aside from looking like it could feature in a home magazine, make sure that your space really represents who you are and serves the functional, practical purposes that a home should.

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