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    5 Key Career Tips to Become a Successful Stylists

    If you are considering a career in styling you need to keep reading. Below are five key career tips to help you along your way.

    #1. You Are Facilitating Everyone Else’s Schedule

    Styling is 24/7. Some of your clients could be in Asia on a press tour or in London and you are in New York and you have got to facilitate their schedule. Basically, you have to forget all about your own schedule.

    For example you could be contacted by an editor in LA who needs to shoot four covers in the space of six hours and work out how that could become reality. You literally have to work in lots of time zones all of the time. You need to have such a passion for what you do that you don’t care.

    #2. It May Take Longer Than You Think To Get Your Dues Paid

    When Katie Grand began to create covers for her magazine that was when people started to sit up and notice her. However, that came after six or seven years of constantly working for her own magazine. The initial cover was Stephanie Seymour for Pop. Then she gave another two covers and at that point, people started to say ‘Ok, Sally is here to stay’. It was at that moment that people in the industry saw that they needed to give this girl the time of day.

    #3. Show Respect To Everyone, Especially Your Peers

    The world of business comes with some rough politics but if you can keep your integrity intact you will go much further …. you will rarely ever need to show your resume ever again. It is networking and building of relationships that will opened doors for you.

    While it is great to grow up alongside established and successful people, you still have to remember that the intern of today is the PR director of tomorrow. That is a key point as it is easy to think ‘oh, they are just …’. That is rubbish.

    It is also important to note that the current generation realizes that there is plenty of work to go around so helping each other is the order of the day.

    #4. Have Patience … And Get Yourself In Front Of The Agency

    Calling agencies is a good thing. You get yourself on their radar. Give them a call and ask if they need any assistants, if you are on their radar you will get opportunities.

    According to Professional Styling Academy “All professionals worked very hard to be where they are and have done plenty for free”, many startups and seeking someone with the same drive. You should be mirroring yourself with one of your industry leaders. Most professionals who were once in your place are looking to find a version of themselves a decade ago and when they get that email they are going to reply.

    #5. If You Want To Be A Celebrity Stylist You Need To Be A Team Player

    There is a lot of politics behind the scenes in fashion. Whether it be the boyfriend, the mom, the publicist, everyone has a role to play. However, ultimately it is about collaboration with the client.

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