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    Top 5 Money-Saving Road Trip Tips

    As fun as road trips are, they can often be costly. Luckily, we’ve got a few tips on how to you can save money on the road. By planning ahead and using a few easy tricks, you’ll have more to spend on enjoyable activities and experiences.

    Save Money on Snacks

    Buy your snacks in bulk instead of stocking up on tiny packets every time you stop at a petrol station. It seems like such a small difference, but doing this can really keep your costs down. Even better, put together your own trail mix or bake some delicious muffins.

    You could also pack a cooler filled with one to two litre beverages and bring along a thermos or reusable cup. This will stop you from buying smaller cans and plastic bottles which are detrimental to both your wallet and the environment.

    Select the Right Car for the Trip

    If you don’t own a car and are planning on leasing one, it’s worth getting some advice from professionals. Intelligent Car Leasing (ICL) provides UK car leasing and contract hire deals to personal and business customers throughout England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

    Score Free Accommodation

    One easy way to save on accommodation costs is to simply camp. If you’re nearby a national park or camping ground, pull in and sleep for free for the evening!

    If you’re up for meeting some new people, you can find a host on Couchsurfing for free. Staying in other people’s homes is a great way to travel on a budget and have a unique, local experience.

    Don’t Overspend on Gas

    Before you leave for your trip, make note of all the places that offer the cheapest gas/petrol prices. If you know exactly the route you’ll be taking, you can calculate your mileage ahead of time.

    While you’re driving, there are ways to limit how much gas you’re using. Always accelerate and slow down gradually. If it’s summertime, use a small fan in the car rather than have the air con running. Of course, you should also avoid burning rubber and speeding. Yes, driving under the speed limit is not only safe but also conserves fuel!

    Save on Dining Out

    Road tripping doesn’t have to mean stopping at a fast food joint for lunch and dinner. A much better option is visiting a local diner and having a healthy and authentic meal. There are apps to help you find cheap restaurants at your nearest exits. You’ll realise that you can actually save money by doing this, and you’ll have a much more enjoyable experience checking out the small-town spots.

    Also, don’t forget to make use of your accommodation’s free breakfasts. Even if it’s only an apple and a piece of toast, you’ll still save some money.

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