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    Why Am I Craving Beans So Bad? [5 Major Reasons]

    If you crave beans, your body indicates there are nutrients and vitamin deficiencies in your body that means you are not taking enough proteins and nutrients in your diet and it can be satisfied by eating beans.

    #1. Low On Calories

    In the nutritionist field, a calorie is a unit of energy. Calories are defined as the energy obtained from food and drink they consume and the energy they use performing daily tasks. One cup of beans (245g) has 239 calories but 1 tablespoon has 42 calories you can take 2-3 tablespoons on daily basis. If you have craving for beans that means your body tells you to need high calories food such as beans It gives fuel to your body to run your daily task properly.

    #2. You’re On A Diet

    Some diets are deprived which means deface lack of nutrients that are necessary to us. In this situation, you are not taking enough proteins and nutrients in your diet, and your body triggers and indicates a craving for beans because beans are full of nutrients that your body needs so add beans to your daily diet plan.

    #3. Lack Carbohydrates and Fiber

    Carbohydrates and fiber work to fuel your body and give you the energy to perform your daily task. If you are not taking sufficient amounts of carbohydrates, you feel physically low. Additionally, you feel a craving for beans because they provide carbohydrates and fiber to us. By eating beans you can easily satisfy your craving and also supply enough amount of carbohydrates and fiber.

    #4. Hormonal Changes

    Hormones play a vital role in our body and hormonal changes also affect you as you feel stressed, physically weak, and crave many foods it depends on your diet. Hormonal change might be a reason behind beans craving it means your body needs some important nutrients and vitamins that beans provide you furthermore you can easily satisfy your bean craving.

    #5. Enjoyable Texture and Flavor

    Many people are attracted to the food because they like its texture and flavor and they must miss its flavors. Texture and flavor might be a reason behind beans cravings such as red, green, and white beans having delightful flavors. So don’t worry about it because they are beneficial to us and you can easily satisfy your craving.

    Why Am I Craving Beans All of a Sudden?

    Sudden craving means your body triggers you and gives you signs so don’t ignore it. However sudden beef cravings mean your body has a deficiency of nutrients, carbohydrates and fiber these are very important to us. Taking 2,3 tablespoons of beans can easily satisfy your craving and also provide these nutrients to your body.

    How to Stop Craving Beans?

    First of all, you have to identify the reason behind your craving it may be due to a lack of vitamins may be lack of carbohydrates and other nutrients. As we know beans craving is due to a lack of vitamins and nutrients in your body so you have to add beans in your diet additionally your take other alternatives of beans such as other nutrients, fiber-rich food you can easily satisfy your desire and minimize your bean craving.

    Craving Beans During Pregnancy:

    In the situation of pregnancy, your body needs extra calories and nutrients because you are growing a baby. Craving beans during pregnancy is normal because beans are very beneficial to us they provide nutrients vitamins and fiber to you. Daily intake of beans provides a sufficient amount of these nutrients to you and also satisfies your craving.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

    Can you Eat too many Beans?

    Yes, you can eat beans but keep in mind you have to fix the number of beans. Brain supply us the proper amount of carbohydrates and vitamins that our body need. In short beans are beneficial to us but when you eat beans in large amounts it is harmful to you because excesses use of every this is not good it may cause your stomach upset and you can digest the food properly.

    What to Eat when Craving Beans?

    As we know beans provide us with nutrients and carbohydrates and also have a good amount of calories in them. If you don’t have beans to eat you can use other alternatives like other fiber-rich food which provides you with fiber and also satisfy your craving. Some other substitutes for beans are Cauliflower Florets, Nuts like cashews and walnuts, and Mushrooms.


    In this article, we discussed about the beans craving and its main reason. I hope this information is helpful to you and clear all your queries regarding beans craving.

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