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    Top 5 Rukhwat Ritual Ideas for a Maharashtrian Wedding in 2021

    Today, most of the Maharashtrian brides would have fond childhood memories of the Rukhwat ceremony, part of the Marathi wedding traditions. Memories that included all the house ladies – be it the bride’s mother, aunt, sibling, or friend, busy decorating and preparing small handmade articles or food items to place on a beautiful tablecloth.

    The handmade items would include handicrafts like an elephant or camel made out of wood, crocheted dolls, beaded fabrics, art pieces, and many more. All of these items were neatly placed on a display for the groom and his family to observe.

    The earlier relevance of the Rukhwat ceremony was to exhibit the talents and skills of the future bride. The groom and his family were invited to the bride’s home to examine her expertise in weaving, cooking, painting, etc., which would ensure that she’s cared for at her husband’s home.

    Today, the Rukhwat ritual has become a tradition practiced in most households. The Marathi brides and the women in the house take this opportunity to exhibit valuable objects that the bride can use after marriage, similar to a bride’s trousseau.

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    There are different types of items used for displaying during the Rukhwat ceremony – like expensive cutlery, an idol of Ganesha, embroidered work on pillows, placemats and traditional Maharashtrian sweets. In 2021, brides want to display valuable items with some utility, over things that are just pretty or expensive. Let us help you find the perfect match. Visit any Marathi Matrimony site today and discover your future life partner.

    #1. A Statue of Ganesha

    Ganesha is a vital reference in Maharashtrian culture and tradition. It represents prosperity, intelligence, and wealth. Ganesh Chaturthi is the biggest festival celebrated by Marathis, and the statue holds an important place in their lives. To make it more sustainable, the bride can take a cloth made out of jute or cotton and block print Ganesha’s face all over the fabric. She can then frame this fabric and use it as a wall hanging in her living room.

    #2. Sweets in Creative and Quirky Designs

    Sweets are inherent to any Indian wedding. It becomes even more special in a Maharashtrian marriage for the Rukhwat ceremony, where the bride’s side of the family uses various techniques to display the sweet items. The women in the family use different shapes such as a star, flower, heart, or cylindrical.

    To make it even more elaborate, one can use different textures of traditional sweets and savory items to display various settings from the Marathi wedding ceremonies. It may include other marriage traditions such as the bride being carried away in her carriage, the couple taking pheras, or scenarios relating to the newly married Marathi bride.

    #3. Rare Crystal and Cutlery

    Every household requires good cutlery. The bride can invest in silverware items such as knives, forks, spoons, or a complete dinner set of 20 pieces. She can also collect a bunch of good-quality crystals and display them as part of the Rukhwat ritual. She can later use this cutlery at her new home to serve lunches and dinners when guests come over

    #4. Fond Childhood Memories

    The groom is always interested in finding out more about his bride. What better way for him to experience it than in captured moments such as photo frames, pictures from childhood, vacations, trophy collections, etc. Brides can choose to display some of these frames to her collection at her new home or keep it safely as fond memories.

    #5. A Personalized Hamper

    A personalized hamper can be helpful for the bride at her new home. The hamper can include items related to her skincare, gold candle stands, expensive chocolates, and other decorative pieces. If she wants to go for something exclusive, she can pick a set of ‘his & hers’ robes. It depends on the likings of the bride and groom.

    If the couple wants to be more sustainable, they may even add a few items made out of recycled material, such as planters, frames, and table mats.

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