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    Ultimate Guide to Style Your Hair

    Hairstyling is important. It gives you a more attractive look while defining your personality. With a good hairstyle, you can create a good vibe. There are different ways to style your hair depending on its length and volume. However, it is important that get a style that works best for you. To achieve a look that matches your personality, you can follow simple guidelines to styling your hair

    Treat Your Hair Well

    Use the right shampoo

    There are different hair care products you can use when styling your hair including shampoo. Go easy on shampoo. Keep in mind the texture, porosity, and thickness of your hair when choosing an ideal shampoo. In some cases, it is easier to style dirty hair as opposed to clean hair because it holds curls better. Therefore, after cleaning your hair, carefully comb and brush from bottom to top to get rid of knots before styling.

    Use nourishing oils and hair masks

    To achieve a great look, nourish your hair. Argan and Coconut oils are some of the best oils to nourish your hair. For thin hair, shop for products with keratin, collagen, and biotin to add volume to your hair.

    Avoid too much heat when styling hair

    Blow drying is one of the most popular ways used for styling different hair types. However, you should avoid too much heat on your curling irons, electric curlers and blow dryers because they damage your hair.

    Get a good cut

    It is easy to style hair that has a good cut because it holds well to a specific position. Get all split ends trimmed off and use the right brush for your hair. Be sure not to use the wrong brush for your hair to avoid breakages and damages. Opt for a brush with a wide tooth comb because it is easier on hair. For a more natural curl, a layered cut is the best way to go as it brings out the best in you.

    Choosing a Hairstyle

    Explore different styles

    There are many ways to style your hair. Figure out the most ideal option for your hair depending on texture, your face type and the look you want to achieve. Go online and talk to styling experts. They have exceptional tips to help you choose the best style.

    Narrow down your options and determine whether you will have natural or highlights. You can even seek opinions from friends on what they think about a particular style. Most importantly, avoid a style that wears your hair down or up.

    Understand your hair

    Having a clear understanding of your hair type is imperative when it comes to styling. For this reason, learn about its length texture, thickness, and even growth rate. These will help you to settle for a style that is practical. For example, if your hair length is slightly above shoulder length, it is short while long hair is anything below your shoulder.

    You can also determine the thickness of your hair by feeling and taking a close look at it. Determine whether your hair is thick or fine.

    Have a sense of personality

    Avoid trying out every new style in town. Consider prevailing circumstances and personality and get a fitting style. Whether you love braids, dreadlocks, highlights, waves or half shaved hairstyles, take a look at your environment to select a style that blends well. This goes a long way in enhancing your looks and defining your personality.

    Determine your face type

    It is wise to determine your face type when styling your hair. Different styles go well on different face types. For this reason figure out whether your face is heart-shaped, oval-shaped or bell-shaped. Oval shaped for example blends well with almost every style but it is wise to consider an option that enhances your look.

    Try out non-permanent styling options

    Before getting a permanent hairstyle, try out on a temporary version of what you desire. For example, you can try out temporary dye before getting a permanent one. Go an extra mile to use websites with templates that allow you to test different hairstyles to have a clear picture of how you look. A good natural look is always desirable and more presentable.

    Achieving the final look

    Use the right products

    The market offers plenty of styling and shaping products to help you achieve the desired look. They include volume serum and wax among others. Consider products that make your hair manageable for example, de-frizzing serums if your hair is curly and hairspray and serum for thin hair.

    For oily hair, consider a dry shampoo. Avoid using too much styling products but try to distribute it across every section of your hair

    Do not over style your hair

    It is wise to go easy on your hair. Isn’t it lovely to have a style that is touchable and not too greasy? For this reason, use quality styling products and create a look that is more natural and not exaggerated.

    Natural wave

    If your hair has a wave, it is important to style it to enhance its natural look. Use sprays that will make your hair shiny and enhanced. Sea salt spray is an excellent product if you want a beachy curl as it creates a natural soft wave while taking care of the texture of your hair.

    Add some bounce to your hair

    As mentioned earlier, blow drying and heating are some of the most common ways of styling different hair types. Whether you decide to use electric rollers, curling iron, Velcro or a flat iron, do not overheat your hair. Apply heat protectant and be careful not to use too much heat to avoid thinning and possible breakages.

    Buns and braids

    If you want a quick styling option, braids or buns are more desirable. They are stylish and give you class. What’s more, they are easy to work out. You only need to choose the right accessories including bobby pins, ponytail holders, and quality hairbrush to achieve the look.

    Creative styles

    To get a great look, consider simple and creative styles such as leaving your hair down if your hair is thin. For thick hair, style it half down and half up. For curly hair, settle for up under ponytail as it makes hair fuller. Whatever the style you choose, give your hair the best treatment by using the right products. Explore affordable hair products at to cut down on your costs.

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