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    5 Key Components When Selecting Vinyl Replacement Windows

    Like most homeowners, your home is probably the most valuable asset in your portfolio. It is expected that you want to time, energy, and your hard earned cash to add value to this prime investment. One of the most beautiful methods to add value to that investment is to add comfort, beauty, convenience, and savings on your energy bill through new vinyl replacement windows. We are looking at the key components to check for when selecting your own vinyl replacement windows.

    Do Your Windows Need to Be Replaced?

    Before you begin the hunt for new windows, let’s ensure that your windows need to be replaced. Here are a few of the most telling signs that it’s time to shop for new windows.

    • The old, wood frames are rotting or decaying.
    • You observed cracks or chips in the window panes.
    • You’re barely able to open them when needed because they stick so much.
    • You (or a previous homeowner) have painted them shut…permanently!
    • You’re feeling draftiness on the most blustery days.
    • You’ve noticed more insects in your home but don’t know where they’re coming from.
    • Water seeps in during driving downpours.
    • You notice your energy bills continually rising each month.

    If you observe any of these signals, then you are on the right track and should be considering investing in energy efficient home windows.

    5 Key Components When Considering Replacement Windows

    #1. Learn the Energy Rating

    To achieve the highest energy savings, be sure to look at the energy rating of the replacement windows you’re looking at–the better the window, the more money and energy you will save every month. Yes, the more efficient windows will come with even higher price tags, but it’s important to purchase the most efficient windows that your budget will allow. Here’s why.

    Today’s residential replacement windows are well-documented to save you money on your heating and cooling bills…from practically the very instant the installers leave your home. These windows work by sealing off the hot or cool temperatures from outdoors, so you don’t feel any drafts. By the same token, they keep the cooled or heated indoor air from seeping to the outdoors, keeping your home perfectly climate-controlled and thus reducing your energy costs.

    #2. Window Appearance

    In addition to energy rating, select the windows that will enhance the curb appeal of your house the best. Windows are almost a once in a lifetime opportunity to add architectural interest to the exterior of your home. Because windows are usually a one-time selection, you should make your purchase count! Whether you want to make an elegant grand statement of elicit a feeling of Zen replacement windows can help you reach your goal.

    Plus, when the day arrives that you must list your home, homebuyers will drive by properties and decide from inside their car if they want to schedule a time to look at the interior. That first impression from the curb counts, and your windows can make or break your curb appeal. It’s well-known in real estate that homes with greater curb appeal sell faster than homes that appear to be outdated or old. This fact helps you command a higher sale price and yield additional income from this large sale.

    #3. Select Windows for Ease of Cleaning

    Cleaning your windows is likely one of your most dreadful chores. Unfortunately, that heavy twice-yearly cleaning is an unavoidable reality. It is not only tedious and dirty a job, but it also can be dangerous as you ascend ladders to clean those second-story windows. Fortunately, selecting the proper style of windows can help you make this job somewhat easier and can keep you off that dangerous ladder.

    Look into double-hung windows that pivot inwards to you. This feature allows you to unlock the latch, lower the glass, and rotate the upper sash in towards you. This enables you to keep a firm foothold as you easily clean the outside of the windows from the safety of inside your home. After washing each window, pivot it back into position, lock it in place, and push up the sash.

    We admit that this still does not make window cleaning “fun.” However, it will be safer and more comfortable for you to tackle this job rather than attempting to clean glass while also managing a ladder.

    #4. Ask About The Warranty

    Does the manufacturer cover you with a warranty? Does the installer warranty the installation from defects?

    Check with the sales rep. Ask if the window manufacturer protects you with a warranty for their product. The most reputable manufacturers do offer some kind of warranty, but some manufacturers offer greater coverage than others! Ask about the length (also called term) of the warranty, exactly which window parts are covered by the warranty, and if the warranty is transferable to new owners if you decide to sell your home in the future.

    Then, ask the sales rep if their installer offers you peace of mind from defects in the installation practice. If they don’t do the finest job of installation, this gives you some recourse to remedy the situation.

    #5. Look into the Experience of the Installers

    Don’t stop just at learning all about the windows themselves, ask about the skills of the window installation crew. Installing windows is a trade that requires a lot of knowledge, above average carpentry skills, and the ability to solve problems. If somebody offers you an installation quotation that sounds too low, question the experience of the installers.

    Before your hire installers, ask questions about their experience. Then, check online and read their customer service reviews. You must address these concerns prior to the crew working on your home.

    The Bottom Line

    Here’s the bottom line.  Your home is more than likely the most significant investment of your entire life. Investing money in upgrades that add beauty and value will make you feel good about that investment. You will be able to sleep as sound as a baby at night when you’ve selected replacement windows that will add value to your life.

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