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    6 Simple Braid Styles You Can Wear During Bad Hair Days

    You indeed have days wherein you simply can’t fix your hair the way you want it: these are bad hair days. The truth is that you can refer to some tips to deal with your hair during these days. Thus, you can deal with it without being forced to hide in a cubicle so that your friends will not laugh at your messy look.

    A braided hairstyle is a beautiful way to kick it up. A lot of people may think that this is not an effortless style to work on. Thus, they don’t consider wearing it on their affairs. But the thing is, if you don’t mind exerting a bit of effort to carry out this style, you’ll learn that braid styles are straightforward to do.

    Why Braid Your Hair on Messy Days?

    #1. It Prevents Breakage of Hair

    If you are particular about your hair’s condition and you do not want them to come breaking, you should try braiding it. Leaving your hair open the entire time may affect it to be damaged. Braiding not only inhibits breakage but also makes you look more presentable.

    #2. It Saves You from Hair Tangles

    If you have fine hair, you’ll often notice that your hair gets knotted a lot. You’ll naturally want to detangle it, but you only end up frustrated. It’s because a lot of your hair strands were ousted. If you tie and braid your hair often, you can avoid getting your hair tangled.

    #3. It Secures Moisture

    Most women were gifted with naturally beautiful hair, but almost everyone experiences hair dryness because of many factors. It happens since the strands of their hair aren’t able to maintain moisture. If you braid your hair, you are also taking good care of it.

    #4. It’s Best for Kinky Hair

    Braiding is worn best by people with kinky hair. Kinky hair will likely get tangled easily and is hard to handle. To help you achieve better results after braiding, you can apply an anti-frizz serum or a salt spray for texture for tousled hair.

    Different Braid Styles to Avoid Bad Hair Days

    If you want to try braiding your hair, you can check the following styles and see which one you’ll like most:

    #1. Box Braids

    If you have kinky hair, the box braid style would be the most suitable. With this style, it is being partitioned into squares and managed into individual folds to obtain this look. You can get an extension or just use your hair to be braided in. You’d be surprised how the results would give you an extremely noticeable look.

    This style is also characterized as a protective style, and you can wear it whatever type of hair you have. You also have the option of getting smaller box braids so you won’t feel much tension on the scalp. The process of doing this may require a long time to finish, but once it’s done, it can last for weeks and doesn’t require high maintenance.

    #2. Dutch Boxer Braids

    If you have medium or long hair, Dutch boxer braids can look good on you. You can wear this style not only for a wedding, but also during your day off, and you want to spend time at a gym. This style can work best for festivals, downtimes, rainy seasons, and any other occasion.

    #3. Side Braid Bun

    This style is relatively more uncomplicated as compared to the side French braid bun. The last look involves a whole braided bun, while this style only uses one side for braiding, then brushing it into an elegant side bun. You’ll see the result of this kind of braid to be refined and suitable for formal events and weddings.

    You’ll love this cute hairstyle. This is particularly great during the summer seasons since your hair is fully lifted. You may even wear some accessories to match this gorgeous hairdo to add color and personality to it.

    #4. Two Braids in One

    If you want to look fancy in a braid, two braids in one would be ideal. However, when you recheck it, you’ll see that it only features two regular braids that are being put together. Although the results are simply remarkable, you must be aware that doing it on your own won’t be that easy.

    To give you the idea, these are the steps on how to do this style:

    • Spray the unwashed hair with dry shampoo. This is the ideal texture of hair to braid with since you can get the best grip on it.
    • Collect the hair on one side and partition it into two equal parts.
    • Regularly braid one part and use hair elastic to secure it.
    • Proceed in braiding the second part of the hair.
    • When you reach the tip of the second braid, remove the elastic that was used to secure the first braid. Layer the end of the first braid over the other end to smoothly fuse them.
    • This time, use an elastic to secure the two braids.
    • Slowly drag the loops of the braided hair outwards to make it appear detailed.

    #5. The Flat Braid

    The flat braid style complements best with short hair half-up appearance. This style would look stunning each time you go out with your family and friends. You can also wear it on special occasions. Yes, it can give an adaptable look that fits any kind of event.

    To give you the idea, these are the steps in creating a half-up braid:

    • Work on blow-dried hair: Properly blowing the hair is the key to any kind of hairstyle as it gives a flawless base to begin with.
    • Make a center section and get a vertical segment on any side, roughly four centimeters from the hairline.
    • Get the segment and make a loose braid. Secure it with a tie.
    • Get the other part, and repeat.
    • Bring the two braids at the back of the head. Use a barrette to secure them together

    #6. Waterfall Braid

    The waterfall braid is perhaps one the most striking hairstyle one can ever wear. This is a better version of the French braid. However, this look only braids across the upper part of the hair and flows like a waterfall. Thus, its name.


    There are many ways to have great hair. One of which is braiding it. You might want to try the different braid styles featured above. Whether you prefer something elegant, exciting, understated, or simple, there’s a particular braid style that could suit your taste.

    If you like a more laborious style, but you know your skills for this are not enough, you can ask someone else to do it for you.

    One good thing about braid styles is that they can be worn on any occasion. But most importantly, braiding the hair will save you from the trouble of having a bad hair day.

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