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    A Guide to Choose Composite Window Blinds

    Having window blinds serve a dual decorative and functional purpose in your home and office space. They are user-friendly, affordable, and effectively control exposure to the glare and light that filters in from the outside.

    Comprising of several horizontal and vertical slats, you can rotate the slats present on a window blind, either manually using the cords attached or via a motorized mechanism. This action enables you to limit the quantity of light entering your room.

    When you go window blind shopping, you will encounter a host of blinds and more, which can make the process quite daunting.

    Benefits of Composite Blinds

    Composite blinds combine recyclable plastic and real wood as they are made from PVC or plastic resins and pulp or wood chips. Since treated timber is used to manufacture composite blinds, they tend to be pricey. Their many plus points are enumerated here:

    • Environment-friendly
    • Highly Durable
    • Provide a clear view with the broader space between slats
    • Lend a warm and natural touch to your living space
    • Manufactured in a range of brown and white hues so you can always find one to blend in with your existing decor
    • Equipped with an integrated motorized system
    • Easy to clean with a damp cloth
    • Provide excellent insulation
    • Can withstand excessive moisture and heat

    Refer to a comprehensive guide for choosing composite window blinds.

    Consider Basic Aspects

    Before you even commence this exercise, take into account the purpose you want the blind to serve based on which room you are focusing on. For example, in your bedroom, you would practically want to block out light to create the perfect ambiance to sleep in. On the contrary, the area where you entertain must remain shady yet, bright.

    Having a clear vision of the purpose allows you to coordinate the design of the blind with the specific window that needs it. Vertical blinds work wonders for large windows but, if your windows have irregular shapes, you must choose appropriately. Make your windows the focal point by playing around with textures and designs.

    Take Accurate Measurements

    Pampering your windows with blinds and more stuff is a good idea but, you must do your homework before making a final selection. Since blinds come in varied sizes and even windows can be styled differently, you have to accurately know your window measurements to choose a blind that perfectly fits.

    A composite blind that is either too large or small for your windows will not serve its very purpose. It’s better when a professional blinds installer takes the measurements as it rules out incorrect proportions at a later stage.

    Never Compromise on Safety Aspects

    If you’ve pets or kids at home, motorized or cordless window blinds are your best bet. You can remotely operate your blinds, and there is no fear of accidental strangulation due to access to dangling cords. Controlling your blinds wireless or remotely saves you immense effort, especially when your windows are high and hard to reach.

    Your budget and the practicality of maintaining the window blinds must not be overlooked either. Be an informed consumer and arrive at a well thought out decision.

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