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    What Are The Benefits Of Enlarging Old Photographs?

    Somewhere in your huge collection of recent to old photographs, there is a stunning image (or two) that would look even better enlarged. Photo enlargements can transform the alluring appeal of a black and white portrait or full-colour landscape, and turn the snap into an image that is worthy of focal feature display.

    Buried deep in the pile of old photographs that have been stashed away and long forgotten, could be a photograph that would be cherished and treasured by your family. Perhaps it’s a shot of all of the family gathered together to celebrate Christmas, a birthday or a wedding. Or maybe it’s a photo of your relatives looking happy on holiday.

    Although it may not be possible to enlarge your favourite image without the photograph’s original negative, with the help of scanning you can create a high-resolution enlargement from a hard copy photograph. Scanning the image also allows you to conveniently print an enlargement from a computer.

    Second Life Exposure

    Most people have at least one vintage sepia or black and white photo that would look fabulous, if only it was bigger. Vintage photos are generally not of the best quality, and tend to fade with time. A precious and irreplaceable 4.1 x 5.8 (A6) childhood or family photo can enjoy a second life, when it’s enlarged to poster size.

    Unlike digital photo restoration, which restores the appearance of a digital copy of an aged, neglected or damaged photograph, the process of enlargement focuses on enhancing its size. By making your favourite image larger, you can easily transform its visual appeal. Photo enlargements of digital prints can also sharpen the detail of your favourite images.

    Improving Low-Quality Images

    A common reason for enlarging photos is to improve the visual quality. Photographs taken a long time ago in the past were not able to benefit from the advancement of photographic technology. If you have low-resolution digital photographs, it is possible to improve the quality of the images and to create larger prints.

    If you have photos that feature an interesting subject, great composition and good colour, but the resolution quality is low, the professional process of re-sampling (improving pixel proportions in small increments) enables the image to be enlarged without too much compromise on quality.

    Enhancing Your Portfolio

    If you’re a keen amateur photographer who is building up a portfolio of work, it’s a great idea to show off your eye for detail by enhancing the dimensions of your favourite images.

    A spectacular nature or live action shot can look fabulously dramatic, if the size of the photograph is expanded. Landscape shots will also benefit from being bigger and more panoramic.

    Having a good balance of black and white and colour images, photography styles and photo size content in your portfolio is beneficial, if you’re taking your hobby to the next level and starting out as a freelance photographer.

    Creating New Photo Art

    Photo enlargements are the modern way to instantly create new and unique photo art. Your favorite images no longer need to be preserved in the pages of a luxury personalized photo album. Or displayed in a stylish photo frame that sits on a shelf or table. By enlarging a photo, you instantly expand its display possibilities.

    Your contemporary photo art makes a perfect focal feature on any interior wall space. You can showcase a generation wall map with a selection of regular and big size photos that stylishly hang on a gallery wall, in your living room or hall.

    Triptych (groupings of three) photo art arrangements have become a trend, and are ideal for showing off the same image with slight variations. It’s a good display idea for photos of children, pets, travel attractions, or landscapes.

    A Diva wall display is a must, if you have a multitude of photos of yourself that you love. Choose four of your favorite poses and have the prints enlarged to a bigger size, so that everyone can admire your glamour and beauty.

    Group photos that feature your extended family will also benefit from being presented larger in size.

    And of course, the ultimate poster size photo art is reserved for your most beautiful, unique, striking or special image. This could be a candid romantic photo of your and your spouse on your wedding day, or a mesmerizing sunset that you snapped on your travels.

    Not sure which enlarged images will look the best displayed on a wall? Pick out the photos that feature colors that match with your décor. If you have Photoshop or Lightroom on your computer, you can play around with the colors of digital images so that they beautifully complement your space.

    Perfect Presents

    If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind present to give to someone you love, you may already have it in your collection of favorite photographs. An image that tells a story and captures emotion is absolutely priceless. If you have a photo that is special and meaningful, you can transform it from a print into the perfect present with the help of enlargement.

    Photo enlargements transform a photo from a lovely thoughtful gift into a treasured keepsake that is on perpetual display. For a milestone birthday or anniversary, the gift of a larger size photograph shows that you really care. Parents and grandparents will also be delighted to receive enlarged images of your brood as a Christmas present.

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