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    Better Than Before: Making & Keeping Your Personal Goals

    With a new quarter of 2020 in full swing, Alya Alghamdi, professional track and field athlete, provides her insights on focusing on positive intentions and goals for the remainder of the year.

    There is not one personal goal setting season, contrary to what one might think. Nor is there a single, scheduled time of year to take a moment to reflect on your personal accomplishments and set a clear vision for what you plan to push yourself to do more of.

    Individuals can make themselves better than before at any point or time in their lives. In fact, it’s downright positive and healthy to reset yourself every now and then, so that you can experience how to make and keep your personal goals top of mind.

    Here are some measurable and actionable ways you can curb any distractions in effort to make and keep your personal goals.

    Focus on You

    Far too often, we are focused on what others are accomplishing and we naturally compare ourselves only to come up short. Don’t compare or you’ll be despaired. Instead, be your number one motivator. Choose to measure your success by your own yardstick and reaffirm your own personal goals for true, lasting contentment.

    Praise Your Personal Wins

    You’re allowed to be proud of your accomplishments – the big and the small. Try jotting them down on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis. You can continue to reference your notes to reflect on your courage, perseverance, and inkling to your endless capabilities. While you take a moment to praise your wins, it’s also important to highlight the biggest obstacles you’ve overcome. For example, as a professional track and field athlete, I always make note of new records. Each speed, time, etc. surpassed is my blueprint to determine where I can go next.

    My track records written down in front of me remind me that’s all I’ve got to work with – and it’s the only thing you must acknowledge for the moment. So, truly, take time to take it all in and recognize all that you already are but don’t forget to remind yourself there is much more greatness to come.

    Lean into Success Partners

    There is no better feeling than having a network, champion, or friend to share your achievement progress with along the way. They help to remind you about your personal goals, spur you on when you feel unmotivated, keep you on track, among others.

    Be Emotionally Invested but Don’t Get Caught Up in Your Head

    How do we emotionally invest? Start to look at your goals as a game. It’s a game full of challenges, growth, and fun. Once you have that love for your game, every step towards your goal will bring you absolute joy. Joy not only for yourself, but joy for your coaches and those who support you and believe in you.

    Don’t Get Caught Up in Your Head

    Experiences and emotions bring countless of thoughts that can alter our moods, performance, confidence, relationships, self-care and much more. Instead of dwelling on something you simply cannot control, focus on what you can control because there are certain circumstances we cannot change. Remember – you are in charge of your life, you control where you live and work, how much time you spend on things, what you eat, how much you travel, how much you sleep and how much exercise you get. Always feel as ease knowing you have choices and letting go of those that don’t fit your lifestyle is a must.

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