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    Create A Gym in Your Garage Space

    With such busy lives, getting to the gym is not always possible. Creating a gym in your garage is therefore the perfect solution to help you stay fit and healthy. We will provide you with a guide on how you can turn your garage into the ultimate hassle-free gym.


    You don’t need to spend lots of money on heating and cooling your garage space as this kind of control is classed as a luxury. If temperature is a real issue, consider a fan heater for the winter months and an oscillating fan for the summer months. Both of these options are not particularly expensive to run, but can be very effective.

    Making Space

    You will need to make sure that your garage is clutter free and you have space to accommodate a gym. Begin by looking online for storage units Tempe to place unused items in storage. Anything that you want to keep in your garage will need tidying away and organising so that you have the maximum amount of floor space for your gym.


    Once your garage is empty you need to look at the structure that’s left behind. Your gym will need to be weather proof and insulated so that it doesn’t become too cold in the winter months, as well as too hot in the summer months. Look for insulation around the doors and windows, paying particular attention to the actual garage door itself as this area will let in most of the outside elements.


    In most cases, garages have concrete flooring. This can be very hard if you are trying to use this space as a gym. You will need to add flooring which is shock absorbing as this will help to minimise any impact to your body when training. These can come in tile form so if you want to turn your garage back into a garage, its minimum work. This kind of flooring can also have a double use as you can park a car on it when your gym is not in use.


    It’s important to not over buy equipment and only buy the things that you will use and are necessary. If you’ve never had a gym in your home before then you will need to purchase the basics to begin with. Not everything has to be bought at once and you can buy equipment slowly and build it up this way. If budget is an issue then look to purchase second hand equipment online and within your local area.

    Making It Inviting

    An important aspect of having a gym at home in your garage is to make it inviting. After all who would want to spend their time training in an unwelcoming place? If you think about a gym, they are always bright an airy and painted in colours which are inviting. Consider warm colours such as orange and yellow as these are inviting and happy compared to blues and greens which are cooler colours.

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