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    Eating High Fiber Foods Is Not Too Good For Your Health

    More often than not, diet professionals will advice their clients to consume as much high fiber foods as they possibly can. What they do not tell you is that there are side effects associated with consuming too much of these foods. Fiber foods may affect a person depending on the amount consumed, one’s metabolic system and the rate at which a person consumes these foods.

    Do all metabolic systems respond positively to high fiber food?

    The answer to this question is simply no. Not all bodies will respond in the same manner to a particular fiber foodstuff. Therefore, you need to consider the particular foodstuffs that offer positive results.

    Is fiber digestible?

    Fiber occurs in two basic forms: soluble fiber and insoluble fiber. However, fiber in the body is completely indigestible. No matter how much of it you take, the body mechanism cannot absorb it into the blood system or store it in any other usable form. This means that it remains in your metabolism without any possibility of it being used by the body.

    Then why is fiber important to consume?

    Fiber plays a very important role in the human metabolic system. First, it has been proven to facilitate smoothing of stool in the body. If you consume fiber in the required quantities, the intervals at which you visit the restroom are relatively increased. Excretion is an important activity as it helps in eliminating waste substances from the body. As the stool is being transported through the body, the intestines are cleaned up in the process. This helps in the reduction of various intestinal problems such as:

    • Diverticular disease
    • Colon cancer
    • Haemorrhoids

    Soluble fiber helps in better blood lipid contours by reducing cholesterol levels in the body. This is done by decreasing and ultimately removing low-density lipo proteins, which is linked highly to blocking of blood vessels. Fiber also helps in reducing the risks of contacting type two diabetes, which is a life threatening disease.

    Risks of consuming too much fiber

    Excessive consumption of fiber is likely to cause various health issues including:

    a) Cramping

    When one consumes too much fiber, it temporarily slows or completely halts their digestion process. This translates to intestine related problems as well as abdominal cramping.

    b) Intestinal blockage

    If you consume too much fiber without consuming adequate amounts of water, you are likely to suffer intestinal blockage. This is because the fiber will not have enough fluids to push it to the rectum, where it is stored in the body. This leads to blockage of the intestines, a condition that is quite uncomfortable and painful to bare.

    Another problem caused by consuming too much fiber without water is constipation. The blocking of nutrients causes the formation of gas in the intestines.

    c) Malabsorption

    Another reason why consuming high fiber food is harmful to your health is malabsorption. Fiber, when consumed in large quantities, blocks the body from effectively absorbing other important nutrients such as calcium, magnesium and iron.

    For these reasons, you ought to be careful about the type and amount of fiber you consume on a daily basis. Make certain that you consume the right types of fibers and in the right amounts. Visit for more insight on this and other medical conditions.

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