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    Guide to Rent Apartments in Colombia

    Living in Colombia apartments for rent, you won’t really know what kind of furniture you’re getting. Some landlords will supply you with furniture that is bulky and do not save space.

    You will sometimes get a large bed in the middle of a tiny room or maybe you will get a couch that’s hoarding all the space in the lounge area.

    This makes it impossible for you to bring in other furniture that you like because space will definitely pose a challenge for you.

    So, if you want to customize your space with your own personal items, you can try doing the following:

    Make use of what’s behind the door. Vertical storage is the way to go in a small apartment. There are lots of door organizers out there that are made especially for renters in tight spaces.

    These multipurpose organizers come in fun colors and they are either made with either plastic or cloth and come in all shapes and sizes. You can even make your own to save money.

    Get creative and use up all the doors in your apartment–the bathroom door, the bedroom door, the main door, and the closet door. It’s a great storage solution for your shoes, school supplies, jewelry, and other miscellaneous items that you usually leave scattered all over the house because they don’t have permanent storage spaces.

    Another great storage solution is an overhead organizer. They do not take up floor space and will provide you with more areas for storage. They work the same way as the door organizers except you don’t put them behind doors and they are made of sturdier materials like wire or wood.

    You can hang them in a corner of a room or under your kitchen cupboard or stick them straight to the walls. They’re great for pots, pans, and other kitchen utensils.

    A hanging basket can also serve as a place to keep your fruits, vegetables and other food items that will not fit in the refrigerator.

    This can also work in the bathroom if you have extra products that will not fit in the bathroom shelf.

    • Storage ottomans. They are not only stylish; they are also super functional. They serve as hiding areas for things you do not often use. They are also great in lounge areas where you need more seats.
    • Consider putting a tiny cabinet with drawers in your bathroom. There, you can hide away things like towels, hairdryers and other toiletries. You’ll keep all your bathroom essentials in one area and keep it clutter-free.
    • For those living in a studio apartment, a floor to ceiling shelf is a great way to divide the room and display all your favorite books at the same time. You can also display your collection, picture frames, and home decorations to make it more appealing.
    • One more thing you can consider doing is a raised platform, although you will have to get your landlord’s permission first. If they allow it, you can build a platform to raise your bed and use the space under it as storage space. Now you can have a mini loft type of bedroom.

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