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    13 Amazing Modern Kitchen Design Ideas

    Your kitchen is the heart of your home, and you want it to feel that way from the moment you step into it. Choosing a modern kitchen design that fits your lifestyle, needs, and aesthetic preferences can be quite simple when you know what you’re trying to achieve.

    In today’s world, contemporary kitchen designs encompass a host of elements, from the countertops and backsplash down to the cabinets and appliances. Blending modern design with traditional and industrial elements is the new trend, and the result often is sleek, functional, and in some cases, minimalistic.

    You may want to integrate an entertainment center wall unit for displaying items or hosting guests, or you might want to keep it simple and intimate. If your kitchen is feeling dated or could use some upgrades, here’s what you need to know before pulling out the tools and piecing together your dream kitchen.

    The Do’s and Don’ts of Kitchen Design


    Do take space into consideration. Think about how and where you use items and place them in appropriate and convenient places. For example, keep food-storage items near a work surface for the convenience of storing leftovers. Additionally, leave ample space for your walkways.

    Do add variety to your cabinet installation. Rather than having a bunch of blocks of cabinetry everywhere, consider adding glass cabinets or wine rack along with them.

    Do use light colors for small spaces. Dark colors make a space look smaller; brighter, lighter colors open up a small room.

    Do incorporate plenty of storage. Most people love having ample storage space in the kitchen, so ensure that you don’t leave it out of your floorplan.

    Do come up with a budget before you start, and stick to it.

    Do consult the experts. Miami kitchen remodeling, for example, is made easy with Pedini Miami, the experts in luxury Italian cabinets and custom kitchen designs. Consider where you’re located and consult with a kitchen designer.


    Don’t try to squeeze in too much. This goes back to planning for ample workspace and room to move about freely.

    Don’t pick the wrong materials for your lifestyle. Floors and worktops take the most beating, and you’ll want to choose what works best for you. Try quartz countertops, which are sturdier, if you have kids. If you want something more luxurious and are prepared to keep it in pristine condition, go for that marble countertop.

    Don’t feel pressured by what’s trending. Your kitchen is your workspace and gathering space, so design it to be what you want it to be. Trends also come and go, and people don’t remodel their kitchens that often.

    Don’t waste space. Space is one of the most precious commodities in the kitchen; use it wisely.

    Don’t forget about lighting. Did you know it’s ideal to have different types of lighting for preparing meals, serving meals, and displaying what’s in your kitchen?

    13 Modern Kitchen Design Ideas for 2019

    Now that you’ve thought about what you want your kitchen to be, here are some of the most popular kitchen designs this year.

    Curved Lines (Dune)

    Curved Lines (Dune)

    Want to add some truly unique characteristics to your kitchen? Specially shaped, curved worktops, like the ones seen in Pedini Miami’s Dune design, add taste, style, and functionality to your kitchen. Smooth lines look great in a contemporary yet minimalistic kitchen.

    Cool and Contemporary

    Try out smooth, contemporary shapes and styles, as seen in Pedini Miami’s Arkè design, complete with Italian kitchen cabinets. You can also blend different materials, colors, and finishes for a space that’s uniquely you. Add an entertainment center wall unit to integrate technology or display nice cookware.


    For a more classy, upscale look, and luxurious feel, marble might be your best bet. Keep in mind that this won’t be your best choice if you have young children, as marble can be easily stained or damaged. Try adding high-quality, Italian kitchen cabinets for that extra flair of luxury.

    All Matte

    Matte is in right now, and for a good reason. It’s less likely to show fingerprints than stainless steel, glossy or lacquered surfaces, and it looks chic. Consider the materials you’re using in your kitchen design and decide whether they’ll work with a matte finish.

    Sensible Storage

    No matter what aesthetic you’re going for in your kitchen, storage should be part of it. From unassuming, minimalistic cabinets and pantries to those that immediately catches your eye, don’t neglect precious storage space.

    Sleek and Stainless

    Sleek and Stainless

    Stainless steel, while easily dented or scratched, adds a sleek, industrial look to any kitchen. It’s easy to clean and also fits into a minimalistic space well. Pedini Miami’s Eko kitchen design can incorporate stainless steel appliances and kitchen cabinet accessories. It’s also a perfect example of integrated kitchen appliances.

    Rustic Farmhouse

    One of the current pinnacles of modern kitchen design is the rustic farmhouse style. Distressed wood and paint, bench tables, and simple accents make for a rustic yet charming and casual atmosphere.

    Bright and White

    For a clean and crisp, bright look, you can’t beat white cabinets and countertops. Just be sure that it works with your lifestyle because white can get dirty quickly.

    Color Pop

    Whether you’re a fan of the bright and vibrant or like neutrals, adding pops of color is always a good idea. Don’t overdo it with too much of a bright color, however. Instead, add some pops of color here and there for a fun, tasteful and captivating space.

    Warm and Cozy

    Deep, rich wood materials are the cornerstone of a warm and cozy kitchen. Try hardwood cabinets or floors for an earthy, comforting vibe.

    Mix and Match

    Combined materials and lacquered colors go great with stainless steel surfaces and glass kitchen cabinets, as seen in Pedini Miami’s Materika design. The Miami kitchen designer encourages combining materials, finishes, and accessories in an interconnected way to customize your space.



    Another example of including integrated kitchen appliances is Pedini Miami’s Artika design, which combines design and comfort to achieve a simple look. The great thing about a simplistic design is that it adds to the intimacy of a family kitchen.

    Natural and Neutral

    You can never go wrong with a neutral color palette. Mix it up a little with a fun backsplash or interesting countertop pattern to avoid monotony.

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