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    Spare Items You Need In Your Home This Year

    When it comes to certain household items, having a spare on hand for emergencies can come in really handy. Obviously, you don’t need pairs of everything you own, but you’ll definitely benefit from keeping an extra copy of your most important items.

    Here’s a list of everything you should double so you’ll never get caught out in the future:

    #1. Tin Opener

    Most of us own sets of multiple kitchen utensils, like knives, for example, so why do we only store one tin opener at a time? You never know when your tin opener might break while you’re in the process of opening a tin of beans – and it really isn’t easy (or safe) to try and find alternative means of getting inside.

    #2. Batteries

    Batteries might not be so commonly used anymore, but for things like your TV remote, your electric shaver and your games consoles, it’s worth keeping a spare batch on hand for replacements when you need them. Purchase rechargeable batteries for even more convenience.

    #3. Key Blanks

    You never know when you might need a new key fashioned for your front or back door. Key blanks for residential properties are really cheap to buy, and you can keep a couple stored in a safe place for if you ever need them in the future. It’s always best to be prepared for a “just in case” scenario.

    #4. Scissors

    Scissors are one of those household items that never seem to be in their assigned drawer when you need them. If you don’t want to resort to searching for them high and low throughout your entire house, keep your own sneaky spare pair hidden safely in your cupboard and bring them out when you need them.

    #5. Charging Cables

    There’s nothing worse than when a charging cable suddenly stops working, especially when you discover it was your only one. Save the stress and buy a batch of cables online – you can buy them for less than $5 on Amazon.

    #6. Notepads or Jotting Paper

    You won’t realize how much use you give your jotting pad until you run out of pages. Keep a spare one in your drawer that you can whip out when the situation arises, so you never have to try and learn your daily goals or shopping list by memory.

    #7. Light Bulbs

    When a light bulb stops working, it’s far more convenient to have a replacement stashed away somewhere in your home. That way, instead of sitting in darkness for however many days it takes for you to be bothered to buy a new bulb, you’ll be able to resolve the situation immediately.

    #8. Toothbrushes

    Only the most organized of people keep a stock of toothbrushes, but if you don’t already, it’s really worth doing. Whenever you need a toothbrush to take with you on vacation, or it’s just time for a new one, you can simply rummage in your bathroom cabinet and pull out a fresh one just like that.

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