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    Why You Need to Start with a Detox Center to Control Addiction

    Fully recovering from drug and substance abuse is possible but one has to be intentional about it. There are many avenues to help one quit drugs and one of them is detox centers. Detox centers have a higher success rate for rehabilitating addicts and there are good reasons for that.

    The best road to full recovery from addiction begins with signing up in a detox center. Besides providing a drug-free environment for quick recovery, detox centers also help addicts pick up from where they left and pursue life fully.

    #1. Break the Addiction Cycle

    The first phase of recovery is helping the addict break the addiction. A detox center does this by providing an environment free of drugs and full of people to hold the patient accountable. These centers also provide a detoxification phase where the drugs or substance is completely flushed out of the body. Withdrawal symptoms do occur at this phase; nevertheless, detox centers have ways to manage the side effects as well.

    #2. Learn About Addiction

    A lot of addicts get stuck in the drug abuse phase because they know nothing about their condition. After going through the detox phase, the recovering patient is taken through an educative session to explain what addiction is and how it happens. The patient is able to understand the environments that trigger their cravings and get equipped with tips on how to avoid or manage such triggers.

    #3. Counselling

    After understanding what drug addiction is, the recovering patient goes through a counselling session to discover the underlying issues that sparked the addiction. Could the addiction phase be a response to stress, a way to numb physical or emotional pain, or a way to escape life’s responsibilities? Could the addiction have been inspired by peer pressure? Attacking the true source of the problem further equips the recovering patient with insights on how to get their life together.

    #4. Breed New Habits

    Towards the end of the stay at a detox center, the recovering patient has total awareness of themselves and their lives. They understand that breaking the cycle of addiction requires cultivating discipline and new habits for self-care. It is at this phase that the recovering patient is taught about the importance of setting achievable goals.

    A lot of recovered addicts fall into relapse because they never understand the importance of setting goals and the discipline required to achieve them. Fortunately, detox centers teach the patients on how to set short-term and long-term goals to complete recovery.

    #5. 24-Hour Support

    At a detox center, the recovering addict has full 24-hour support from people that hold them accountable. They have someone to go and talk to whenever they feel overwhelmed by the urge of using. Counselling and psychiatric help is available to help recovering addicts face the fears of leaving the center and going out to start life afresh. The bottom line is, there is always someone to hold your hand when you need it.


    Statistics show that detox centers have a 90% success rate over other methods of addiction recovery. Contact a local detox center to find out the steps necessary for starting the journey to recovery from addiction.

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