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    Styling Your Home to Rent It Out

    Increasingly people are styling their homes so they can rent them out on Airbnb or similar platforms. If you often travel for work or spend part of the year somewhere else, it’s a great way to make extra income. People will rent out family homes they might have inherited or be in charge of that aren’t lived in as well.

    Certain décor styles tend to work well in a rental, and Airbnb users often enjoy a modern, clean style. Even if a rental isn’t the fanciest if you decorate it well it can grab the attention of renters.

    The addition of a chic, minimalist sofa, a soft, monochromatic color scheme, and the comforts of home like a modern coffee maker are all great in a rental.

    Beyond that, the following are some design tips and ways to style and stage your home to attract short-term renters.

    The Essentials

    Regardless of specifically who you’ve targeted as your dream renter, there are some things that everyone wants in an Airbnb or similar short-term rental.

    First, you need to have comfortable beds. Take the time to get mattress toppers and the best bedding you can reasonably afford because it matters. If your rental has uncomfortable bedding, count on renters mentioning it in reviews.

    Wifi is something else that’s a must-have, and it needs to be reliable. If you need to upgrade your Wifi, go ahead and do it.

    Create a binder of key information for your guests too. You can include items about the house itself, such as how to work appliances, and you can also leave them notes about the neighborhood.

    Give your guests a place to hang their clothes with hangers, even if it’s a rolling rack, and a coffee maker needs to be in the property.

    Think About Your Audience

    If you want to rent out your home, you should have a target audience in mind. That doesn’t mean that people from outside of that audience won’t rent it, but if you do have targeted people in mind it can give you a direction for styling your home and also creating the listing.

    If you have a large home, maybe you target families with children. A studio or one-bedroom, on the other hand, might be geared more toward business or solo travelers, or perhaps couples.

    You can then think about the type of furniture that’s going to work best from the perspective of your audience.

    Along with thinking about your audience, if it’s conducive, you might want to build your décor around a theme.

    A theme that’s centered around your location works well, and it’s fun and makes your rental distinctive.


    If you have ever looked at an online rental listing for a property, you might know what a turnoff clutter can be.

    When people are traveling for any reason, they probably don’t want to deal with clutter, even if you think it’s interesting and unique. Clutter can feel stressful and distracting, and whether someone is traveling for work or leisure, when they return to their rental, they want to feel relaxed.

    Much as is the case when staging a home to sell it, you don’t want your rental to feel too personal either. Even if you live there when it’s not rented, if your home feels too personal, it can make renters feel uncomfortable and uneasy.

    Bright and Modern

    While everyone might have a different aesthetic when it comes to the décor they like in their own home when it comes to traveling you can pretty much count on a win if your property feels bright and modern.

    Choose furniture and accessories with clean lines in neutral colors.

    Think about how hotels are designed. They are often designed in the same way, because it creates a relaxing place for people to come at the end of the day.

    If you have a rental in a historic area, you might want to keep the furnishings in an older style, so it feels authentic, but you have to be careful with this. Not only can renters be tough on furniture, but you run the risk of moving into the outdated territory and you limit your pool of possible renters.

    Go For Durability

    Regardless of how courteous and responsible your renters are, your furniture and the items in your rental are inevitably going to take a lot of wear and tear, especially if you gear your listing toward families.

    Choose furniture with this in mind.

    You want durable items, and if possible, look for furniture that has removable covers so they can be cleaned.

    With rugs, look for darker colors that will hide dirt and make sure all of your bedding can be easily and quickly washed after each guest.

    Matching Kitchen Items

    Your kitchen needs to be clean, and everything should be accessible. You want to have matching dinnerware and kitchen accessories too, and if you want to have a little fun with colors and patterns in this area, that’s okay.

    If you have mismatched dinnerware, silverware, and glassware, it’s just going to feel sloppy and like you didn’t care enough about the details when you designed your rental. Renters are discerning and picky.

    Stage the Outdoor Space

    Finally, if you have an outdoor space, don’t forget about it. When people are traveling, they value outdoor space, so if you want happy renters and good reviews,  make the most of what you have. If you have a beautiful view, all the better.

    Even if you don’t, ensure that you stage the outdoor space just like you do the indoors.

    Add seating, and if you have space, an outdoor dining area can be a good option.

    Integrate color in the form of comfortable outdoor cushions, and layer the décor with rugs, tables, and plants.

    Choose low-maintenance items that you don’t have to bring inside every time there’s bad weather, and make sure you clean these fairly regularly.

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