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    Top Tips on Traveling in USA

    East or west; travelling around US is one of the best experiences you can have in your life time. Being the epic centre of western pop culture, home to epic displays of nature and culture, number of amazing  cities that are different to each other, US got the highest ranking among travelers who loves diversity. But when it’s come to visiting, you have to make a choice between west and east, as it is quite impossible to cover both sides in one trip unless you have one year break.

    So let’s do a comparison between both coasts, considering their pros and cons in order to make it is easy for you to make your choice based on the experience you want to have throughout the  journey. Then you will be able to approach a company that offers Car hire USA and get ready with your journey.


    West coast generally has a mix of weather. You can experience dessert hot climate and cool coastal winds across the west coast. Some cities like Los Angeles and San Diego stays warm throughout the year. Here you don’t have to experience harsh winter conditions. Weather change is smooth and summer period stays longer in the west coast.

    East coast is usually colder than west coast and they have harsh winter conditions. But if you love beach fun during the summer, east coast beaches will be the best choice as water in the Pacific Ocean is warmer than Atlantic Ocean.


    West coast has the best geological diversity among two coasts. This coast is rich in world famous natural sceneries such as Grand Canyon in Arizona, Zion in Utah, Yosemite in California and the Rocky Mountains in Colorado and world famous national parks such as Yellowstone, Olympic Death valley , etc. which are simply breathtaking. Hoh rainforest; which is the wettest place of US and Death Valley national park in Nor cal; which is the driest place in the country, both can be found in west coast providing evidences for its diversity.

    When it’s come to east coast you can explore beautiful beaches, and of course some beautiful sceneries as well. Most importantly you don’t have to leave New York for exploring nature as central park in NY has stunning sceneries. There is another stunning national park called Shenandoah which is similar to Yosemite also has beautiful sceneries and exciting wildlife. However when comparing the both coasts you cannot beat the beauty of west coast.

    Location and Big cities

    West coast has many big cities such as Los Angeles, Seattle, San Francisco, San Diego, and Portland which are famous as interesting, vibrant and progressive cities. Seattle which is also known as Emerald city has been set on the water and has a cooler climate throughout the year. You can enjoy great tasting coffees, beer, and many other unique foods there.

    Portland has the most Vibrant culture and San Francisco has many skilled and creative professionals as well as a strong food and cafe culture. Los Angeles and San Diego are one of the best cities to enjoy summer fun throughout the year. You can explore endless things there. However if you have a limited time period to travel and you are planning a road trip you may need to think twice as all the cities have a considerable distance which is quite hard to cover in one trip. Luckily they all are connected by airplane.

    One of the biggest advantages of travelling to east coast is the proximity its major cities and attractions have to each other. Therefore in east coast you can explore almost everything such as world-renowned iconography, stunning vistas, beautiful beaches, inspiring culture, sport-crazy populations, and architecture. You can experience all those things with amazing Niagara Falls in one trip by visiting several closer cities such as Miami, Philadelphia Orlando, and Boston that are full of excitements. On the other hand no body want to avoid New York in their trips as it is the place where you can find everything you need.  Truth is nothing can beat the beauty of sky line of the New York City, Therefore if you are time concerned go to east coast.

    Culture and Iconography

    When compared to East coast, west coast has more westernized culture which has free spirits and more obsessed to celebrity culture. Being the home for hippies it has more vibrant culture which makes it great for some part of the American society who loves partying. They have a great importance for health and happiness. Therefore they love to enjoy the life to fullest and this is supported by sunny weather as they can spend more time in outdoors.

    East coast has been settled for longer than west coast. Therefore they have a more inspiring settled culture which has a broad scope for adventure and experience. Without any argument NY got the most iconic skyline of the world. Statue of Liberty, Times Square, Broadway, the Empire State Building, the Freedom Tower, the 9/11 Memorial Reflecting Pools, Central Park, Wall Street, Rockefeller Center, the Plaza Hotel, the Brooklyn, Williamsburg and Queens borough Bridges are some of the world famous Iconic attractions you can explore in New York city

    Therefore if you want to enjoy the culture go for west whereas if you want to explore it go for east.

    Sports & Music

    During your trip you may have planned to watch a base ball match or you may want to participate for a concert with a world famous musician. When it comes to sports and Music it is mostly like a game between Los Angeles in west coast and New York in East coast which has a tight call over each other.  Although both cities own world famous base ball, foot ball and basket ball teams New York City ranked slightly better than those Los Angeles teams and their sports kits and caps have a greater demand in market.

    Los Angeles is considered as the epic center for pop music where as New York has been the home for great musicians. As both cities rules the airwaves and have the top rankings in metro index, wherever you decided to go you can enjoy the music at its best.

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