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    What Are the Best Men’s Fashion Jeans for My Body?

    Most guys that do the bulk of their trendy men’s clothing shopping online probably struggle with finding mens fashion jeans that fit right. Even more so, not every online store provides proper measurements. Differio is probably the only online men’s clothing store that actually provides individual measurements for every single item and size. Cool, right? Unfortunately, that’s one of the only trendy clothing websites that include this into their specifications.

    The reality is, we’re left to do the guesswork with a universal size chart that sums up men’s bodies in one spreadsheet. Every man is created differently, so the fact that fashion jeans for men are all made with this method is obviously frustrating. Maybe you have a really wide waist, skinny legs, and small butt? Whether you’ve got a body like Cristiano Ronaldo or Kevin James, every guy deserves to rock the trends that he wants to wear, regardless of weight or body type.

    So, you’re here because you’re frustrated and fed up with dealing with ill-fitting fashion jeans for men. We get it. This is why we broke down which denim styles are the best for your body type. In order accurately match up the right mens fashion jeans, we broke it down by three basic, male body types from slim to thick, theorized by American psychologist, William Sheldon. We’re not saying you can ditch size charts now, but at least you’ll know which styles to go for and what to avoid.

    1- Ectomorph: slim, lean build

    Your body is similar to: Adam Levine, Adrien Brody & Harry Styles

    You’re on the leaner side, which means your overall body is very slim. Your nickname could’ve even been “slim” in high school. You’ve probably never had trouble fitting into men’s fashion jeans, but you also can’t go without a belt most of the time. No matter how hard you work out, it’s still difficult to build muscle without extra supplements like protein powder.

     What are the best men’s fashion jeans for me?

    Your best bet is going with skinny jeans and super skinny jeans for men. Since you’re so slim, you can pull off the skinniest of men’s fashion jeans without looking like you’re wearing denim meggings. They’ll hug your legs while showing off how lean and long they look. Your body will look lengthened, which is the opposite effect of what baggy jeans do to your figure. The end result is a clean, form-fitting silhouette that you can pull off anywhere.

    2- Mesomorph: medium, muscular build

    Your body is similar to: Chris Hemsworth, Mark Wahlberg & David Beckham

     Your body is in between stocky and slim. You tend to have a wider waist, legs, and arms than ectomorphs. You’re usually stereotyped as the “fit guy,” but if you ever stopped working out, you know it’s just as easy to put on weight. When you’re shopping for men’s streetwear, your urban clothing for men usually fits, but sometimes you need to go one size up depending on the brand.

     What are the best men’s fashion jeans for me?

    You can’t go wrong in straight fit jeans and slim fit jeans for men. Slightly looser than skinny jeans, these jeans lend more room in the seat and thighs, but still, come with that popular ankle-hugging cut. If your legs or waist leans on the thicker side, we recommend choosing denim-blend fabrics, like cotton mixed with elastane or spandex. This will allow you to rock that slim fit jean that’s more forgiving than pure cotton, which also shrinks in cold water.

    3- Endomorph: very large build

    Your body is similar to: Jack Black, Kevin James & DJ Khaled

    Your body leans on the thickest spectrum of all body types. You usually have trouble finding men’s fashion jeans that fit you at all. Men’s skinny jeans aren’t even an option because you already know that they’re not going to fit you properly. You usually need to shop for stylish clothes for men at those “big and tall” stores to find proper men’s fashion pants or going out shirts.

    What are the best men’s fashion jeans for me?

    You’ve got a thicker body, so you should flaunt what you got with men’s tapered jeans and relaxed fit jeans. You can think of tapered men’s jeans as the “skinny jean” that’s going to look amazing with your body structure. Most tapered jeans are wider around the waist and thighs but get narrower down the ankles. You get the skinny/slim look without forcing your body into something impossibly tight. Moreover, relaxed fit jeans will lend that straight-fit look, but with much more room around the legs.

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