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    What to Do If You Fail Your Real Estate Exams

    Have you gone through the real estate course as required and completed practice exams? Then you are ready for the final real estate exams. However, even the best plans, at times, go awry. After taking the exam, you might fail to get the least minimum required score, but that’s not the end of the road. You could still retake the exam following your state’s guidelines. For instance, in some states, you can retake the exam twice or thrice, and if you deplete the attempts, purchase a reset. Some states are lenient than others, but typically, if you deplete the retakes, you are required to retake the course and pass before retaking the exam.

    California Guidelines

    In California, following the date of filing your original application, you get an unlimited number of examinations for two years. If you need to take additional exams after the two years lapse, you are required to submit a new application, meet all statutory requirements by re-qualifying, and submit the required fee. Therefore, it is advisable to do all you can, including taking a California real estate practice test to make sure that you’re adequately prepared to pass the exam. With such preparations, you can avoid the hassles of retaking the exams, not to mention possible period expiry as you put it off due to frustrations.

    Push Harder

    If you fail the first attempt, you need to go the extra mile to gather enough skills and ensure you don’t deplete the retakes. The good news is, if you choose a reliable and reputable school, you can dramatically improve the odds of retaking the exam and comfortably pass. This is especially so if you take a well-thought real estate practice test to gauge your skills, establish your weaknesses, and adjust accordingly to handle the exam.

    The exam results scorecard typically provides information on what you passed/failed. If you failed the state portion, you should concentrate your energy on ensuring that you are sufficiently prepared to avoid the same mistakes. With challenging real estate practice tests, you can jog your skills, prepare, and retake the portion. Keep in mind that the retake questions are entirely different, meaning that you should concentrate on the whole portion, not the tested areas.

    Among the top contributor to failed real estate exams is procrastination. After taking the course, many students push the exam as they feel that they have a lot of time as per the state’s requirements. During the period, all the hacks and tricks that were taught starts to fade away, and when you finally take the exam, the chances are that you won’t be as sharp. Therefore, it is recommendable that you take the exam when still fresh, shortly after meeting the requirements.

    Real estate exams are tough, as they are designed to ensure that you’ve got what it takes to diligently serve buyers, sellers, and other stakeholders as you pursue your career. Many successful real estate agents didn’t pass their exams on the first trial, maybe even the second. If you fail, don’t give up yet; take the practice test, hone your skills, and don’t let it take a back seat as time can lapse quickly.

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