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    8 Good Reasons Why You Need to Have Nice House Moldings

    The concept of architectural moldings has been around for centuries and can be traced back even to the glory days of ancient Greek and Roman architecture.

    Moldings are in a way, a form of carvings, and these were added to surfaces to remove that sense of visual monotony. They also add lines and structure to different surfaces.

    Moldings add aesthetic value to surfaces and acts as a cover for gaps in between walls, ceilings, and your floor. Moldings also serve as protection to wall surfaces.

    In the past, moldings can only be found within palaces and in the iconic structures of history. But eventually, these were also introduced into homes but back then, only the rich could afford to have them installed.

    And this is for good reason since old moldings were manually carved thus making them expensive. But during the 19th century, manufacturers found a way to reproduce moldings en masse, thus dropping the price significantly.

    Nowadays, moldings are a common sight in homes. Here are 8 reasons why you should have them installed in your home too.

    Adds Class and Aesthetic Value

    For many, the main reason why they would install moldings is that they add a certain sense of architectural appeal. Having these trims installed can easily add value to your home in general.

    Even the simplest types of moldings can give any surface a touch of elegance. It does not matter if your home is old-fashioned or is something that is designed from a science fiction movie. They work well in any situation.

    But to maximize the potential value that moldings add, it is best if you consult an interior design specialist.

    Increases the Property Value Without Breaking the Bank

    For many years moldings weren’t pocket-friendly to normal private citizens thus only the rich can afford them. But that was before. When the industrial revolution came, moldings became a big business venture for many companies.

    With these comes an abrupt decrease in its price. Materials that are used for many types of moldings became synthetic, which is much cheaper when you compare this to hardwood moldings of the past.

    Nowadays in the era of modern real estate, when you increase the aesthetic value of your home, the overall value of your estate increases as well. If you are renovating and planning to sell your home, a little investment in the right kind of molding would go a long way.

    Moldings Protect You and Your Home

    One of the primary functions of moldings is sealing and hiding crevices in our walls. This way we are also sealing our home from outside pests. Different pests tend to hide in the crevices of our walls. What we usually do is to seal these cracks with sealants but the issue is, it does not look good aesthetically.

    Modern-day designs use both sealants and moldings to seal off wall corners and crevices. Remember, a pest-free home is also another plus in real estate value.

    Moldings Keep Your Walls Protected from Furniture

    One type of molding is baseboards. These are moldings that cover the crevices between your floor and your wall. Technically their main function is aesthetic but they do serve a significant function.

    Baseboards primarily protect your wall from damages from getting hit by shoes, vacuum cleaners, or the boots of your furniture. Same as any molding, baseboards could also be made from synthetic material. This way, it is much cheaper and it can be replaced easily.

    Moldings Are A Useful Tool For Wire Management

    Not all our wirings go through walls, especially those that are recently installed. Sometimes the task of breaking up a perfectly good wall just to encase your electrical wirings is both tedious and expensive. That is where moldings come in handy.

    You can hide your wires behind the moldings on your wall. You can also install new moldings for the sole purpose of managing your wires. This way, it does not destroy your wall’s aesthetics and it keeps your wiring safe.

    Make Your Window Box More Classy

    Moldings are not only found near the corners of walls, they can be used to cover your wind jamb as well. Windows that are straight-out flat look like it has been carved out of the wall. But when you encase it with moldings, it creates this frame-like effect that would feature the windows of your home from the outside.

    Your Archways Does Not Have to Be So Plain

    If you have archways in your home, regardless if it is near the entrance or inside, you can improve its aesthetic value just by installing moldings. You can encase the sides from the floor up to around the archway.

    This may seem expensive but it is totally worth the money. With the right kind of materials, this will last for years.

    Make Your Cabinets Look Decorative

    Primarily the purpose of our cabinets especially in the kitchen is more functional rather than aesthetics. It is designed to be something that can accommodate high usage. We sometimes disregard our cabinets and just leave them as they are.

    Well, look no further as we can also use moldings to make our cabinets look good. With the right crown molding design, you can turn your purely functional cabinet into something aesthetically pleasing. However, you need to make sure that you choose a reputable injection molding services company to ensure quality, durability, aesthetic appeal, and affordability.

    Use Moldings to Showcase Your Art Pieces

    Certain types of crown moldings can accommodate art pieces that you opt to hang from the wall. Not only that, but you can also encase your wall artworks with frames that are made out of wall moldings.

    What’s good about it is that it does not need to be overly done. A simple molding frame is enough to make your artworks stand out rather than hanging them on a plain wall. You can also couple this with glass pieces such as those made by Roetell, one of the leading glass manufacturers in the industry. You can visit the website here to know more about them.


    Moldings do not have to be expensive to add value to your home. Even a simple set of synthetic molding can go a long way as long as its design is aesthetically pleasing. Look for the best moldings for your home now and lift your interior design game.

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