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    11 Best Practices for Healthy and White Teeth

    Brushing is like a game for kids. They love all the foam coming out of their mouths and the opportunity to play with water. Amidst all the giggling and dancing in the bathroom, sometimes, the actual cleaning part takes a hit, resulting in cavities and gum problems. Ask an expert from the best pediatric dentistry centers, and they will tell you how kids who brush twice a day can get cavities because they did not do it properly.

    Brushing is one of the simplest methods of oral care, but it has to be done correctly to have the maximum effect. Teaching kids from an early age to brush appropriately can go a long way in protecting them from oral problems like gingivitis, tooth decay, pain, etc., even in their old age.

    Healthy Oral Practices That Result in Healthy Teeth and Gums

    Here are some best practices for teeth that will keep them shiny and healthy at all times. These practices apply to adults as well, so if you are a parent, it is never too late to start with your kids and get your teeth in order (pun intended). Moreover, kids cannot read this article, so read on, practice all the points and teach them to your next generation.

    Brush Twice a Day

    Brushing twice a day is age-old advice that you have to pass on to your kids.  Brushing is a straightforward thing to do and helps by removing all the food particles and plaque. As soon as your children learn the importance of brushing the teeth and as they graduate to a proper toothbrush, introduce them to the idea of brushing twice a day.  Once in the morning and once right before bed.

    Brush Properly

    Brushing twice a day but not doing that improperly is equal to not brushing at all. The process of brushing has to be efficient and should clean up the mouth efficiently. Teach the children how to hold their brush correctly, followed by the use of circular motions and gentle strokes to clean plaque. They have to learn to brush the innermost teeth without hurting their gums.

    Change Toothbrush every 3 Months

    A toothbrush starts accumulating microbes after a certain amount of time. The bristles on the brush also lose their shape with time, so, for proper cleaning and to avoid microbial growth caused by an old brush, change it every 3 months. With kids, please change their brush after every time they fall sick. This way, they avoid falling sick again and again because of the same microbes stuck in their toothbrushes.

    Clean the Tongue

    Cleaning the tongue looks like a complicated process, but it has to be cleaned daily. Why?  It is a perfect place for plaque accumulation. Not cleaning the tongue can cause bad odor as well as other oral health problems. Start by teaching your kids to use their toothbrush to clean the tongue every time they brush.

    Remember to Floss

    Flossing is as important as brushing because it removes the food particles that dodge the toothbrush. Flossing is a tricky process, and kids will take time to learn. Have patience, take one step at a time, and ensure that flossing gets its due in your child’s oral care routine.

    Limit sweet snacks and drinks

    Kids chocolates and cold drinks, and these are the most common cause of tooth decay. Cold drinks contain strong acids along with high amounts of sugar, both of which damage the enamel and cause issues like tooth sensitivity, root canal issues, and eventually, tooth loss. So, it is best to avoid both chocolates and cold drinks.

    Eat Crunchy Vegetables and Fruits

    It is a well-known fact that our diet should consist of raw vegetables and fruits because they provide much-needed roughage. But did you know that they are also good for your teeth? Fresh fruits and vegetables like celery, apples, cabbage, and carrots, clean your mouth naturally as you bite into them. Make it a habit for your kids to eat fresh fruits as well as salads daily.

    Drink Plenty of Water

    Our body needs water for various body surprises, so it should not come in as a surprise that drinking water can be high for overall health. Every time you drink water after eating, it clears up all the food particles stuck between the teeth. It also helps in managing bad breath caused by bacteria growing in trapped food. Drinking a sufficient amount of water will result in shiny white teeth in kids with fewer issues.

    Use a Mouthwash

    Children might find it challenging to use mouthwash because of its strong minty taste, but you can ask them to try by diluting it more as compared to the adult dosage. Rinsing with a mouthwash once or twice a day clears up bacteria that can cause cavities and tooth pain.

    Take Calcium and Vitamins

    Teeth are similar to the bones and need calcium to stay strong. Make it a habit to take calcium and vitamins regularly, after consulting a doctor. Visit your nearby best pediatric dentistry and ask for a prescription of pediatric supplements. Start this habit early in your children so that as adults, they have strong bones and teeth and also healthy gums.

    Visit the Dentist Regularly

    No matter how good you are with your oral hygiene, you will always need a dentist’s advice on sensitive issues like hanging baby tooth, wisdom teeth, swollen gums, and cavities. A dentist visit can, in reality, save a problem from becoming severe and prevents a lot of issues from happening in the first place. Make it a point to visit your dentist regularly and find the best pediatric dentistry center nearby for the little ones to visit periodically. You can check out this dentist in Germantown to get started.

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